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ITI develops an AI-based tool to prevent cyberattacks in Industry 4.0


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ITI develops an AI-based tool to prevent cyberattacks in Industry 4.0


ITI, a technological center specialized in ICT, works on the construction of tools to prevent cyberattacks in industry 4.0. Thus, it is developing instruments that allow the deployment of applications in a more secure way, with fewer vulnerabilities, and with more autonomy and efficiency in the detection of threats, using Artificial Intelligence techniques, enabled through Big Data.

Specifically, through the OpRA project, financed by Ivace and FEDER funds, it is developing a tool that uses the data collected to create security attack detection algorithms for the creation of a secure and reliable Big Data Analytics platform.

Therefore, these algorithms will be useful in the business environment in which the implementation of these AI tools is booming.

In the words of David Millán, a researcher specializing in computer vision at ITI, this project "progresses in the research and development of software elements and components that make it possible to increase security capacity."

From the ITI they point out "the vertiginous pace of development and data acquisition allows ICT tools to be launched on the market very quickly in which, in general, the implementation of cybersecurity measures is not taken into account".

The irruption of IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence have increased the attack surface, and what is more important, many of the classic cybersecurity tools no longer apply, simply, in the new development models, they add.

Along these lines, the number of cybersecurity incidents has grown exponentially in recent years, affecting millions of users around the world, which is even more dangerous in the field of industry 4.0.

With this work, the technology center is evolving the results of previous projects to integrate Big Data Analytics and IoT technologies into a secure solution using cybersecurity techniques.

In this line, the objective is that companies can implement an Industry 4.0 system with mechanisms for the federation of services, Artificial Intelligence, and orchestration and management of IoT devices in a secure environment, researching and developing software tools that increase the standards of application security, broaden the range of Big Data applications, and platform authentication and authorization enhancements.

All of this, they stress, "will make it possible to provide greater security to 4.0 solutions that can be applied to different areas of great interest to companies such as predictive maintenance, consumption prediction, anomaly detection, application of data mining techniques, text, the optimization of machine configuration, and many more fields where Artificial Intelligence, data analysis and Big Data are beginning to be key elements for decision-making within organizations".

This project is focused on strengthening ICT companies in order to promote Industry 4.0 projects in conjunction with Big Data Analytics, guaranteeing data analysis in a secure way among SMEs. "OpRA has a high potential for application and business transferability, so we will validate the developed system hand in hand with the companies", concludes Ferran Bou, from the technical support area for ITI RD projects.

The OpRA project, with file number IMDEEA/2022/64, is financed by the Valencian Institute for Business Competitiveness (IVACE) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).