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INCLIVA develops a pilot project to integrate information in real time in the Clinic


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INCLIVA develops a pilot project to integrate information in real time in the Clinic


The INCLIVA health research institute has obtained 5.2 million in funding from the Government to carry out a pilot project for the integration of real-time health information from the Clínico-Malvarrosa health department of the province of Valencia.

This project will make it possible to optimize healthcare procedures and reduce healthcare costs, obtaining improvements for both patients and the entities and professionals involved throughout the healthcare process.

INCLIVA is the only health research center in Spain that is a beneficiary of these aid granted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation to research centers and foundations and public universities for the return obtained by participation in R&D projects, within the initiative. public-private cPPP Big Data related to EU Horizon 2020 cloud computing.

The project, called Integra Cloud, will conclude at the end of June 2025 and will be developed by INCLIVA's Artificial Intelligence and Big Data platform, whose main researcher is the doctor, with the participation of INCLIVA's IT unit, as well as of the IT, Internal Medicine and Pharmacy services of the University Clinical Hospital of Valencia and of the general direction of Public Health of the Ministry of Health.

Specifically, the aim is to transform the healthcare sector through a series of activities based on the availability and analysis of healthcare and logistics processes in real time. To this end, the project will create an open and secure platform for the integration of all health information that will allow access, capture, storage and decentralized exchange of health data in real time within the Clínico-Malvarrosa health department, which covers approximately 350,000 population.

This platform will enable the development of Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics models that will "empower" managers and healthcare professionals in decision-making. The goal is to improve health outcomes and the patient experience and reduce the cost of care.

The project will generate a "health data lake" ('datalake') that will enable the secure exploitation of data and allow connection with other 'datalakes' at the national and international level, becoming the precursor of new intelligent applications developed using AI techniques . The automation and visualization of global metrics, through the combination of information sources (primary, specialized and others) will help decision-making by public health authorities. An interface will also be developed for the future implementation of telemedicine.

"Integra Cloud will position Spain and the Valencian Community as a node of excellence in Artificial Intelligence that will act as a catalyst within the health sector, both for the generation of knowledge and new digital capabilities, as well as new opportunities for the industry," highlights the doctor. Josep Redón in a statement.

The platform will be validated in four use cases in the Clínico-Malvarrosa health department. The successful integration of its components, layers and tools will demonstrate that it is easy to configure and exploit for future scalability at the Valencian Community level, as well as other regions at the state and international level.