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Civil Guard sees irregularities in works in barracks awarded for 3.3 million to a builder of 'Mediator'

It indicates that the contractor took over 193 works and that in some cases he invoiced without executing the work.

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Civil Guard sees irregularities in works in barracks awarded for 3.3 million to a builder of 'Mediator'

It indicates that the contractor took over 193 works and that in some cases he invoiced without executing the work


A report prepared by Internal Affairs of the Civil Guard reveals that between 2008 and 2019 thirteen territorial units of this body awarded works to companies managed by Ángel Ramón Tejera de León --a businessman who appears in the summary of the 'Mediator' case as a person linked to the general investigated Francisco Espinosa-- for a value of more than 3.3 million euros, and that despite recording as finished some of them were not executed or were partially carried out, "which could constitute the crimes of forgery in official documents , false commercial document and embezzlement".

This document, to which Europa Press has had access, was sent on January 24, 2020 to the Investigating Court Number 2 of Ávila, where these alleged irregularities in the contracting of works for Civil Guard barracks in many provinces were investigated before that it be inhibited in favor of the Investigating Court number 3 of Madrid.

In it, Chief Colonel Alfonso López Malo concludes that the awarding of the works for the Ávila, Castellón, Alicante, La Coruña and Albacete command posts to that businessman was possible thanks to Lieutenant General Pedro Vázquez Jarava - today in the reserve and without occupy any position in the leadership of the Civil Guard--, who was in charge of the General Subdirectorate of Support. He points out that these awards "were preceded by the decentralization of credit in favor of these territorial units" by that sub-directorate.

Throughout 33 pages, Internal Affairs analyzes all the adjudications -up to 193 works were awarded-, and points out that in the case of the Ávila Command there is a judicial statement by Colonel Carlos Alonso Rodríguez in which he asserts that both the contract for 49,976 euros with the company Angrasurcor SL for works in the Navarredonda de Gredos barracks and the different painting actions in 26 barracks, all entrusted to companies of Ángel Ramón Tejera for an amount of 120,000 euros, were for that contractor because they were Vázquez Jarava recommended it.

Regarding the works in Castellón, Alicante, La Coruña, Albacete and Badajoz, Internal Affairs points out that the contracting of the Tejera companies "was preceded - except in Badajoz, which is pending completion - of credit reallocations in favor of territorial units affected by the General Support Sub-directorate".

It indicates that the expense files processed to rehabilitate the Torreblanca and Vall d'Uxió (Castellón) barracks for amounts of 59,986 euros and 58,353 euros are "especially significant because it was the sub-directorate of Vázquez Jarava himself who claimed the works when from the Command of Castellón "did not request this extraordinary assignment, did not select this type of work or the buildings to be rehabilitated, nor was the painting and improvement of those quarters included in the priorities (...).

On the other hand, Internal Affairs focuses on the relationship between the businessman and Lieutenant General Vázquez Jarava, and explains that in his statement before the judge in October 2019, the businessman stated that he had a personal relationship with him and other Civil Guard commanders. . They emphasize that between October 2015 and January 2018 "there is an exponential and apparently unusual increase in the awarding of works" in favor of that contractor, coinciding with the responsibility of Vázquez Jarava at the head of the General Support Sub-directorate.

The circumstance arises that the businessman, known by the alias of 'Mon' appears on several occasions in the summary of the 'Mediator' case as a participant in meetings in which the ringleaders of the plot were present, including General de la Guardia Civil Francisco Espinosa and the former director general of Livestock of the Canarian Government Tahiset Fuentes.

The Internal Affairs report states that all part of an anonymous complaint sent to the Secretary of State for Security in which alleged irregularities in hiring at the Ávila Command were reported. That letter was sent to Internal Affairs on May 29, 2018 - days before the motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy - from the Operations Section of the General Staff of the General Directorate of the Civil Guard.

Already in January 2019, a report from December 2018 by the commander-in-chief of the Economic Management Unit for Castilla y León regarding the financial and patrimonial management of the Ávila Command during the period from 2015 to 2018 was incorporated into the proceedings.

In that report, indicates Internal Affairs, it was already stated that certain expense files were invoiced for work "allegedly not executed or partially executed" by the companies Angrasurcor SL, Solocorcho SL and Canarycork SL -- of which he was a partner and administrator Tejera de León--, as well as by the worker Salvador Gutiérrez Espinosa --also linked to the businessman--.

These companies, Internal Affairs points out, were dedicated to the waterproofing of roofs, the lining of floors and walls, and the urbanization and subdivision of their own and other people's land.

After exposing these conclusions, Internal Affairs already proposed in 2020 a series of proceedings, among which included the declaration as an investigated Pedro Vázquez Jarava for alleged crimes of influence peddling, administrative prevarication and embezzlement.

He also asked that technical architects be appointed to check the material used in the works reviewed, to which the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Command added. And he was interested in preparing reports on the matter.

Lastly, it requested the testimony of those responsible for the barracks where the invoiced work was to be carried out, the heads of the command posts and those persons whose testimony could be relevant.

According to legal sources consulted by Europa Press, the investigation that is being carried out in the Investigating Court Number 3 of Madrid on these alleged irregularities has been paralyzed for at least eight months pending the contribution of an expert report to the procedure.

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