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The PP defends in Congress redesigning the Perte VEC and reconvening its aid

MADRID, 19 Sep.

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The PP defends in Congress redesigning the Perte VEC and reconvening its aid


The PP will defend this week before the plenary session of Congress redesigning the Perte VEC (Strategic Project for the recovery and economic transformation) of the connected electric vehicle) and reconvene its aid.

This is one of the proposals raised by the 'popular' in the motion as a result of the urgent interpellation addressed last week to the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, in the government control session.

In its motion, to which Europa Press has had access, the PP defends redoing this program with a new one "that can respond to the needs of the automotive industry, after a process of dialogue with the sector and the autonomous communities."

Likewise, it asks to respect the procedural norms of guarantee of the concurrence and of equal treatment in the calls, to prevent "opportunistic manifestations" on its adjudications before they have been resolved, and to report periodically on the execution of the plan and its impact in terms of growth and employment.


All this in a motion in which the PP criticizes the "excessively limiting" requirements of the call for this Perte, "far from the reality of the sector", he affirms, after noting a "disappointing" allocation of 30% of the planned funds.

They also criticize the 'popular' that three proposals were rejected for not conforming to the minimum structure of the Perte. "When the projects of solvent companies, with a long national and international history, do not fully meet the requirements of the call, it means that they are excessively limiting and are far from the reality of the sector," they argue.

On the other hand, they consider that the "tortuous process" until the call for aid "denotes the lack of maturity in the design of the project" and charge against the "unfortunate statements of the Minister of Industry", Reyes Maroto, when he confirmed the award to one of the firms, Volkswagen, "bypassing the obligatory competitive attendance".