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The PP announces the creation of an office of 'disokupation' at the regional and municipal level


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The PP announces the creation of an office of 'disokupation' at the regional and municipal level


The spokesperson for the Interior of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies, Ana Vázquez, announced this Friday in Castellón the commitment to create an office of 'disokupation', at the regional and municipal level as soon as the Popular Party governs, "a service point so that people affected by the illegal occupation of their homes have advice from the first moment".

"The data on illegal 'squatting' of homes in Castellón exceeds the Spanish average, from 2016 to now crimes have risen by 417 percent, we have gone from 58 illegally occupied homes in 2016 to more than 300 last year. From 18,000 occupied homes per year, more than 300 are produced in the province of Castellón", he pointed out.

The national deputy Ana Vázquez has pointed out that, given such "scandalous" figures, instead of toughening the law, "what the Government intends is to make a reform to lower the penalty and sanctions for carrying weapons or drugs, it also intends to withdraw street vending from the Citizen Security Law. In November the Ministry of the Interior had only executed 50% of the money budgeted for the province of Castellón".

He has highlighted that the Viogen system currently assists 1,253 women in Castellón, and added that "it cannot be that there are 28 agents to protect them, an average of 45 women per agent". "For the Popular Party, this ratio should never exceed 10 women per agent. Our commitment is to create a joint complaints base between the National Police, Local Police and Civil Guard so that the information is shared," she stated.

On the other hand, Vázquez has denounced that the Ministry of the Interior has not equipped the Family and Minor Unit of the police since October, "the places for the province of Castellón had to be resolved four months ago and, meanwhile, the Civil Guard has 230 vacancies in Castellón that we demand that they be covered because women are not protected with banners, but with means and investment in security".

"And if we talk about the Law of Only Yes is Yes, it is an aberration, the Government has been attacking judges for six months and now they recognize that it is a problem," he said. This law has already benefited 374 sexual offenders throughout Spain, according to the 'popular'.

The president of the Local PP, Begoña Carrasco, has thanked the presence of the deputy Ana Vázquez to meet with representatives of the security forces and bodies "at a time when the figures of insecurity are growing."

"In the city, crime has increased by 15% until September 2022, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior, with a 133% increase in sexual assaults in Castellón and 31% more vehicle thefts and 40% more than fights. Home robberies have increased by about 15% and illegal housing 'squats' are increasingly present, even with the owners inside, that's why we demand more National Police," he said.

In this regard, he stressed that the people of Castellón have their commitment, as soon as they govern, that there will be as many Local Police officers as necessary in the capital "to guarantee citizen security".

For her part, the provincial president of the Popular Party of Castellón, Marta Barrachina, has claimed a "safer" province of Castellón and, for this, recalled that the PPCS presented amendments to the General State Budgets (PGE) for this year 2023 for almost 2 million euros. "We continue to demand more investment in the Civil Guard barracks of Benicàssim, Almassora, Onda, Nules or Vilafranca, as well as the new National Police Commissioner that is so needed in Vila-real", Barrachina indicated.

"From the PP of the province of Castellón we will not tire of demanding that the administrations attend to, reinforce and support the needs of the National Police, the Civil Guard and the local police to improve the security of the people of Castellón", added the provincial leader of the PP of Castellón.

"The PP's commitment is to ensure the quality of life in all municipalities and cities in the province of Castellón, regardless of their size and whether they are located inland or on the coast, which is why it is crucial to increase the security budget so that the province is a place where all the people of Castellón feel safe", concluded the provincial president of the PP.