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The Government accuses Feijóo of questioning democracy abroad dragged by Ayuso and of "calling for hatred"

He blames the leader of the PP for letting himself be carried away by the anti-democratic right and Darias accuses the Madrid president of "pouring gasoline".

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The Government accuses Feijóo of questioning democracy abroad dragged by Ayuso and of "calling for hatred"

He blames the leader of the PP for letting himself be carried away by the anti-democratic right and Darias accuses the Madrid president of "pouring gasoline"


The Minister for Territorial Policy and Government Spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, today accused the president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, of questioning Spanish democracy abroad, dragged along by the president of the community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso and of the anti-democratic right. In addition, she has blamed him for calling for "hate".

This was stated during the press conference after the Council of Ministers after charging against the president of the community of Madrid for having affirmed yesterday that Pedro Sánchez is the Spanish Le Pen of the left who wants to put the opposition in jail as he does the government in Nicaragua.

"Honestly, I think that what he is dealing with with these statements is that we do not attend to what he is doing, which is very serious for the day-to-day life of the people of Madrid and their health," exclaimed the Spokesperson in reference to the protests in the Health Madrid after the reopening of emergencies in health centers without sufficient staff to attend to them.

But having said this, he has gone on to charge against the president of the Popular Party, who is on a tour of several South American countries, accusing him of questioning Spanish democracy abroad. "He already had us used to leaving Spain to speak ill of Spain," he exclaimed, adding that now, Feijóo "has taken another step and has called Spanish democracy into question."

In his opinion, this attitude is "very serious" and he believes that "Spain does not deserve that the main opposition party does not believe that this country is a democracy."

However, he believes that "the alarming thing" is that it seems that he is "being dragged by those like Ayuso or others outside his party who are taking him to more extreme positions of the extreme right and even the anti-democratic extreme right." He has even accused Feijóo of making a "call for hatred" and of criticizing the basic pillars of coexistence.

Isabel Rodríguez has asked the 'popular' leader to talk about Spain being a full democracy "thanks to the struggle of our grandparents", industry, the economy or to do so in terms of "leadership in the fight for energy and climate change" , that it is an attractive country for investors.

The Ministers of Finance, María Jesús Montero, and of Health, Carolina Darias, also participated in the Council conference. The first has asserted that the Autonomous Communities, including Madrid, have sufficient resources from the regional financing system to cover the needs of Health.

In fact, he recalled that the funding for the regions in the next budgets grows by an average of 24 percent: "The issue has to do with the coverage of healthcare places but not with the fact that there is no funding that allows it to meet its competencies".

Carolina Darias, for her part, has criticized the coverage of family doctor positions in the community of Madrid, which she has assured is going in the opposite direction to what other autonomous communities are doing. According to her, she told her, the increase in specialized vacancies is 40 percent, and in the case of family doctor vacancies "there has been an increase of 36 percent only in vacancies that are offered." However, she has stated that in Madrid "there is a decrease of 2 percent."

"These are the data, so that we can get an idea, in 2010, Madrid offered 238 family places and in the last (call), 217", snapped Darias, who has accused Isabel Díaz Ayuso of "pouring gasoline" on the Health conflict, while asking it to build bridges and have understanding, but also, he said, "respect for health professionals".

Immediately afterwards, he added that the Government "is going to be on the side of the professionals" and not of those who "point out or accuse" them. And he has argued that the Executive is reinforcing the capacities of the National Health System by increasing specialized health training as never before and "reversing the cuts made by the PP in its government stage."

Thus, he has pointed out that before 2018 there were more places for specialized health training that left the Faculty than there were places. However, he has pointed out that since the arrival of Pedro Sánchez they have grown "spectacularly, due to the collective commitment of the Government and the Autonomous Communities" who are aware that they have to "inject more doctors into the most deficient specialties".