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Maroto (PP) attacks the Government with the Mediator case: "During the day they ask to abolish prostitution and at night they consume it"

Calviño makes Maroto ugly with his "so low level" speech and finds it "incredible" that he talks about corruption with the "examples" that are in PP.

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Maroto (PP) attacks the Government with the Mediator case: "During the day they ask to abolish prostitution and at night they consume it"

Calviño makes Maroto ugly with his "so low level" speech and finds it "incredible" that he talks about corruption with the "examples" that are in PP

The spokesman for the Popular Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, has attacked the Government on Tuesday in the plenary session of the Upper House with the 'Mediator case', assuring that there are Socialists who "by day call for the abolition of prostitution and at night they consume it." In his opinion, this March 8 "has become a nightmare" for the Executive led by Pedro Sánchez, with a coalition Executive "slapped".

In her reply, Vice President Nadia Calviño has censured Maroto's "so low level", "so little class" and "such bad taste" intervention and has told him that it is "incredible" that "he dares to talk about corruption ", making "jokes, jokes, taunts and pranks" when the PP "has examples" of that corruption. As she has highlighted, we must act with "determination" and with "transparency", "starting with the remuneration" of Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

This crossing of reproaches between Maroto and Calviño, with mutual accusations about the corruption cases that affect PSOE and PP, has occurred in the control session of the Senate Government on the eve of March 8, International Women's Day. Although the question registered by the PP spokesman was whether he shares "the same opinion as the rest of the members of the Government on the effects of the measures they apply", he has focused his criticism on the 'Mediator case'.

Thus, Maroto has started his speech by assuring that this 8M they expected another video of Sánchez of "self-promotion surrounded by women". "We have seen that there is no video, it must be that there are no women willing to go to that theater, even if they look for them at the PSOE headquarters. And I see it logical because there are almost 750 aggressors with reduced sentences, a good part of feminism with the cry in heaven for the trans law and even its parliamentary group divided between those who call for the abolition of prostitution during the day and those who consume it at night", he asserted, words that have caused a stir in the Chamber.

Immediately afterwards, he has asked what "implications the Government has" in the Tito Berni plot "in the face of the "tips" to give "over-notice" to the Executive and the PSOE before the arrests. For this reason, he has affirmed that it is a "scandal " that they continue in "silence".

Maroto has also assured that there is information indicating that the next generation funds "have been financing this plot". "And what about the 15 of Ramses? Are they still sitting on the benches of the Socialist Group?" he asked, alluding to the dinner of socialist parliamentarians with former PSOE deputy Juan Bernando Fuentes Curbelo, the alleged leader of this plot.

The leader of the PP has summoned the Government to give explanations about this case, without hiding behind the 'and what else does it matter to you', alluding to the words of the socialist spokesperson Patxi López. Moreover, he has said that the Executive, after the changes in the Criminal Code with the crime of embezzlement, has become "a permissive government with corruption."

According to Maroto, this March 8 "has become a nightmare for the government." "The flag of her feminism has a broken mast. It is a flag at half mast because the left has never done so much damage to women in such a short time," she emphasized.

In addition, he has assured that the Government is "slapped" by the reform of the 'only yes is yes' and has snapped at Calviño: "I don't know what demonstration you will go to tomorrow, but allow me some advice: take good care of the camera shot tomorrow in that demonstration, it is not going to be that one of those who in the afternoon yells 'no to prostitution' but ends up in it at night, very typical of the cynicism and hypocrisy of the current PSOE ".


In his turn, Calviño has blamed Maroto for his speech in "such bad taste" and has affirmed that 8M is a day of "pride, joy and vindication for progressives" and "true feminists".

At this point, he has breastfed the draft Parity Law that the Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday to guarantee parity for women in the public and private decision-making bodies of this country with the aim of "breaking the ceilings of Cristal".

Having said this, the vice president has stressed that she finds it "incredible" that Maroto dares "to talk about corruption", making "also jokes, jokes, mockery and jokes on a subject as serious as corruption", especially when, according to has said, the PP "has examples" of it.

"I don't like to go into the 'and you more', but the examples that we have at this moment active of PP of institutional corruption from the organs of the State; a corruption related to drug trafficking that has led to the death of a person ", has proclaimed, referring to the case of the husband of the mayoress of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz.

For this reason, he has asked the PP to act with "determination" as "the PSOE is doing" to "erradicate this scourge" of democracy. And he added that transparency is also "important", "for example starting with the remuneration of the leader of his party".

"And that is why it is so important that you eradicate corruption, which continues to sit at the table of the PP leaders," Calviño snapped at Maroto, adding that it would help if the first opposition party was "really committed to eradicating corruption scourge of corruption" that "can exist in all parties" and against which they must fight "with all their might" because that will make Spain a "better democracy".

Given Maroto's "determination" in talking about prostitution, Calviño has said that he deduces then that he is "convinced that it must be abolished." "Welcome", he snapped at the spokesman for the 'popular' in the Senate.