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Bolsonaro uses his speaker at the UN to attack Lula two weeks before the Brazilian elections

Bolsonaro criticizes the "unilateral and selective" sanctions against Russia and advocates dialogue as the only solution to the war in Ukraine.

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Bolsonaro uses his speaker at the UN to attack Lula two weeks before the Brazilian elections

Bolsonaro criticizes the "unilateral and selective" sanctions against Russia and advocates dialogue as the only solution to the war in Ukraine

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, used his lectern on Tuesday at the beginning of the sessions of the 77th edition of the United Nations General Assembly to attack, although without naming him, his rival in the elections in two weeks, former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

"During my administration we have put an end to the systemic corruption that existed in the country. Between 2003 and 2015, the period in which the left presided over Brazil, Petrobas' level of indebtedness (...) reached 170,000 million dollars. The responsible person has been sentenced," he said in reference to Lula, exempted from charges of malpractice by the courts.

After the Secretary General of the UN, António Guterres, Bolsonaro has been the next to take the floor, as is the tradition within the United Nations Assembly, and has taken advantage of it to highlight the economic policies of his Government, in especially during the coronavirus health crisis.

Bolsonaro has defended that they have sufficient "authority" to give an opinion on the global health agenda "since no effort was spared in saving lives and guaranteeing jobs", at the same time that "an extensive vaccination program was launched " against COVID-19.

"With more than 210 million people, more than 80 percent have the complete guideline. All voluntarily, thus respecting their individual freedom", has valued a Bolsonaro who has blamed the economic measures of his Government for the fall of poverty generated by the pandemic in Brazil.

"The defendants have returned a billion dollars and we have paid the US stock market another billion due to investor losses," all this, he said, while continuing to invest in public services and science and technology.

Bolsonaro has highlighted Brazil's role as one of the world's leading food exporters. This, he has pointed out, is due to the "enormous investments" that have gone into science and innovation. "If it weren't for Brazilian agriculture, the planet would go hungry," he has said.

Regarding the environment, Bolsonaro has assured that "Brazil is part of the solution and an example for the world", thus responding to criticism of his policies in the Amazon. "More than 80 percent of the forests have not been touched, contrary to what the media mentions," he has protested.


The Brazilian president has also pointed out that although the current United Nations has served to restore peace after World War II, the current conflict in Ukraine has served as an "alert" and has advocated "a reform" to find world peace

"After 25 years of debates in the Security Council, we have to look for innovative solutions. Brazil addresses the issue based on the experience that goes back to the beginning of the United Nations. We have tried to do everything possible to offer negotiated solutions to pacify the conflicts," he said.

Among those solutions, he explained, is the opening of its borders for all those fleeing conflicts, mentioning the case of the 350,000 Venezuelan brothers who have found shelter in Brazilian territory since 2018. "We have also welcomed Haitians, Syrians, Afghans and Ukrainians".

Regarding Ukraine, Bolsonaro wanted to thank countries such as Poland, Hungary or Slovakia for their help in evacuating Brazilian citizens when Russia began the invasion seven months ago now.

In reference to the conflict itself, he pointed out that Brazil is governed by the principles of international law and the Charter of the United Nations. "We advocate for an immediate ceasefire, for the protection of non-combatant civilians, the safeguarding of infrastructures to help the population and the maintenance of all channels of the parties to the conflict."

"These are the first steps to find a lasting and sustainable solution. We have worked in this regard in the United Nations and other places, we have tried to avoid hindering the channels of dialogue due to the polarization of the conflict," Bolsonaro said.

"That is why we oppose diplomatic and economic isolation, since it is noticeable in the world prices of food, fuel and other raw materials (...) It does not seem to us that the best way is to adopt unilateral and selective sanctions that do not square with the international law," he insisted.

Bolsonaro has said that these restrictions have damaged the economies of many countries and that the conflict in Ukraine will only be resolved through dialogue. "Let's not waste any opportunity to resolve the conflict," he has demanded.


Given the criticism he has received for his attacks on some of the fundamental freedoms, Bolsonaro has established himself as an "unconditional supporter" of freedom of expression, assuring that since he has been president, Brazil has done everything possible to achieve freedom of expression. creed.

"It is fundamental that everyone has the right to pray without discrimination," Bolsonaro emphasized, taking advantage of the situation to offer asylum to the religious persecuted by the "cruel dictatorial regime of Nicaragua."

Among those "fundamental freedoms for Brazilian society" that Bolsonaro has mentioned need defense are "the defense of the family, the right to life from conception, the right to legitimate defense and also the repudiation of gender ideology", in addition to "the protection of women's rights".