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This shows that the ytringsklimaet in Norway is better than in the united STATES

TV-tip that takes you on holiday As peanøttallergiker , I am both dismayed and fascinated by the of allergic reactions. Yes, when your face itches or swells o

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This shows that the ytringsklimaet in Norway is better than in the united STATES
TV-tip that takes you on holiday

As peanøttallergiker , I am both dismayed and fascinated by the of allergic reactions. Yes, when your face itches or swells or dissolves a snot, and tears have you gotten in you something you do not have endured. But it is not there you can not tolerate which gives the worst trick, it is the body's own reaction to having ingested something that feels wrong. It is the defense as much as attack that leads to distortion.

I have felt something similar while I have been on coronasommerens kulturdebatt, namely munnhuggeriet around Merete, human resource, editor of the sakprosatidsskriftet Prose, and her decision not to press for a review of Halvor Foslis strong innvandringskritiske book "Against the national breakdown". The review, written by critic Per E. Hem, was ordered, approved and ready for printing when the editor in consultation with their redaksjonsråd decided to take it out of the pages. In an e-mail to the Hem explained the human resource that she had found that she would not give such a alarmistisk book attention.

A fortørnet Hem took the case out in public, where a hard-pressed human resource have claimed that she took out the Loft review because the text is not kept high enough quality. The changing explanations led, nevertheless, that a certain impression fastened itself: That of a reviewer who received a review that was not so critical as she expected, and who had political reasons for wanting to have the text away.

human resource faced opposition from several prominent critics, who saw the decision as an attack on a anmelders the right to draw their own conclusions about a book, as well as from other journalists and commentators who are concerned that an editor should not go back on his word to a writer when the text is already assumed. If human resource was driven by a desire that Foslis book should get less attention, it is said to have turned spectacularly wrong. Fosli and many of his followers are left with an impression that innvandringskritiske voices are unwelcome in the media, and felt that they had received this impression confirmed. When it blew up such a storm around the Prose-editor, it also has of course to do that the debate also goes into in the major international debate about the public.

HAS CREATED a DEBATE: A shelved review by author Halvor Foslis book "Against the national breakdown" locker debate this summer. Photo: DOCUMENT PUBLISHING Show more

Where is it often happens when public figures who come with statements that are perceived as problematic by an activist, progressive and often young audience who is subjected to the massive and often aggressive campaigns in social media and end up losing the reputation, contracts and positions.

the Phrase "cancel culture", which describes a strictly public climate where it not stands for the right values is attempted to "cancelled" and pushed out of public life, is all about this. This summer, Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling has been subjected to massive verbal abuse on social media after she came with statements about transgender as evoked responses. Debattredaktøren in the New York Times had to go off after having put on the press a very controversial post from an elected. A letter written by 153 authors and intellectuals, who urged for a more spacious ytringsrom, was met with accusations that those who wrote under was only looking to defend their own privileged position.

Turn On the LydErrorAllerede plus customer? Log into herError AFRAID OF NARROW PLACES: When J. K. Rowling wrote the first book about Harry Potter, she was not aware of why she placed him in a closets under the stairs. In retrospect, she learns why. Video: CNN Show more

Those who are keen to keep the room for the debate big and loud, standing and looking at this with dismay. For many, human resource presented as a representative of this development. But when the debate about ytringskultur moving to Norway, has it all easy to be a little bit grøtete, where it is not always clear whether the debaters arguing against u.s. activists or Norwegian editors.

the Way I see it, has human resource taken several decisions here that appear to be unwise, both with regard to the role she has as a manager in the public and clean personalpolitisk in the face of Hem. The political and pressefaglige objections that come has mostly been in its place. At the same time, it is striking how many and violent reaction has been. The reader comments section that is all about the Prose-the debate, the encounter regularly at the voices that believe that the human resource must lose your job, both from driven commentators and ordinary readers.

In this case, it appears the Norwegian debattklimaet not only different than the us, but almost as a contrast. In the united STATES, people can lose their jobs after pressure from the public to say something that is outside of the political progressive and acceptable room. In Norway, the public push for you to lose your job because you're trying to keep the journal your too far on the inside of the same room.

We damage the Uk Debate

They who believe that the Hem was censored, misunderstand. Everyone has the right to express themselves, but no one has the right to come on the press in the publication they want, and the editors ' independence is something that is important to hegne. At the same time, an editor could expect and deal with criticism when they do something that others react to. Pressed against a large, open public is real and comes from several quarters, and the fight to preserve access to the ytringsrommet for a wide range of perspectives and points of view, must be fought continuously.

But it is allowed to make mistakes, and there should be a high threshold to ask for someone's professional head on a plate. This type of overreactions are just that many of us react when we read about the american conditions, and it is not a good idea to import them to Norway with the opposite sign.

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