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60% of Spaniards face difficulties with the basic shopping basket, 7% more than the global average

MADRID, 15 Sep.

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60% of Spaniards face difficulties with the basic shopping basket, 7% more than the global average


60% of Spaniards consider that there is already a recession scenario, the second most pessimistic in the world about the economic situation, only behind the United Kingdom (61%), and the same percentage assures that it is difficult to face the basic basket of the purchase, 7% more than the global average, while 31% confess not reaching the end of the month (28% worldwide).

This is clear from Dynata's global report on 'Getting ahead of the recession', which also reveals the majority of consumers worldwide (56%) say that their leaders are not doing enough to combat inflation.

In Spain, 65% believe that their leaders should take more measures, again one of the countries most critical of their political leaders on this issue, only below the United Kingdom and Italy (both, with 67%).

To combat price increases, citizens are changing their consumption patterns and are beginning to reduce their expenses, turning to second-hand proposals, especially in Spain Generation Z with 44%.

However, according to the study, younger generations continue to prioritize paying a little more for products and services that are aligned with the environment and health.

Likewise, the report, which collects the opinion of more than 11,000 consumers, reveals that a third of consumers have been hit financially and their situation is worse compared to the beginning of the year, and 26% expect that their situation will worsen end of the year.

Spain is in the second most pessimistic position with a figure of 36% of Spaniards who draw a worse scenario than the current one and only behind the United Kingdom with 49%.

Among the most worrying difficulties are those associated with paying for the increase in gas and electricity.

The British are the consumers with the worst prospects, with 65% of them declaring difficulties in paying bills, while in Spain, the concern is 44% of Spaniards.

In addition, 59% of Spaniards say they are making greater efforts to save more in 2022, compared to 49% globally, and 15% say they have enough savings compared to 23% globally.