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Yamal is not enough for a Spain of two halves

Yamal is not enough for an irregular Spain.

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Yamal is not enough for a Spain of two halves

Yamal is not enough for an irregular Spain

The national team, despite the confidence of the young winger, tied (3-3) with Brazil in a two-sided match and where they wasted a 2-0


The Spanish men's team could not beat the five-time world champion this Tuesday, with whom they tied three goals in their friendly match at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, a duel with two very different parts, but in which talent and talent stood out in both. self-confidence of the young Lamine Yamal, and in which he squandered his advantages on the scoreboard.

The FC Barcelona winger did not score any of the three goals, but it was undoubtedly the best in a match and the Santiago Bernabéu, where he will be a threat on April 21, rewarded him with a more than deserved ovation. Her performance was not accompanied by a victory, which escaped in the 96th minute after the Brazilian reaction, led by the other great young talent who seems to be Endrick, after a first half where she had been overtaken and had only breathed due to a mistake by Unai Simón.

Neither Luis de la Fuente nor Dorival Júnior held anything back and practically put their best eleven on the pitch, especially the Riojan who opted for his two 'daggers' on the wing (Yamal and Williams), the involvement of Dani Olmo and Morata as '9'. His counterpart repeated the 'trident' from Wembley, but it was only Rodrygo who responded, with Vinícius Jr very hasty and erratic, and Raphinha not very participative.

The 'Roja' suffocated the five-time world champion from the opening whistle, unable to get rid of the local pressure, with their means overwhelmed and giving from very early on a certain feeling of defensive insecurity. Yamal, in his first demanding international match, showed that ID does not matter and was a headache for Wendell and company. One of his continuous runs with the ball sewn to his foot ended in a penalty that seemed not to be a penalty and which was sent to the net by Rodri Hernández, captain courtesy of Morata and who was able to pay tribute to his recently deceased grandfather.

Spain took advantage very early, but did not let up, continually demanding a Brazil, with little midfield and entrusted to the good leadership of Rodrygo Goes. The Madrid player led his team and gave a good ball to 'Vini', whose shot, centered and weak, did not create problems for Unai Simón in the first serious approach of the 'Canarinha'.

But that did not change the scenario or the direction of the clash, always towards Bento's goal, almost always under the speed imposed by Williams and Yamal, although the chances were not fully confirmed. With talent on both sides, the Spaniard once again shone more, this time in the figure of Dani Olmo. The Catalan, who minutes before had been on the verge of taking advantage of a gross error in the visitors' ball, made a 'break' to Beraldo in the area, with a spectacular 'pipe' and an impossible ball for Bento to make it 2- 0.

The Nations League champion expressed its superiority on the scoreboard in the final stretch, reduced by a concession from the usually confident Unai Simón. The player from Vitoria failed with one of his specialties, footwork, and gave a free ball to Rodrygo, whose delicate shot gave life to the 'Seleçao' for the second 45 minutes, although before the break Bento repelled a tremendous volley from Rodri Hernandez.

Dorival Junior made many changes (4) to improve the image of his team, among them the young Endrick, who soon paid off. First, he participated in a warning starring Vinícius, who could not disarm the defense in a good counterattack that ended with a cross shot from Paquetá, and shortly after he equalized the game by impaling a loose ball into the net after a corner kick.

The five-time world champion, also with the energy of Andreas Pereira in the middle, made the match turn yellow for the first time, with Rodrygo once again showing his quality against Laporte, but crashing his shot into a firm Unai Simón. Spain no longer had absolute control, it was difficult for them to find Yamal, Williams and Olmo and in their attempt to dominate again they left very succulent spaces for the Brazilian 'trident', which was only missing the best version of Vinícius.

The young winger from FC Barcelona slowly got back to grips with a game that was opening up and in which De la Fuente was betting on trusting his starting team. Spain tried him a lot from outside as a resource and in one of them Dani Olmo demanded a good stretch from Bento in one of the locals' best chances.

The coach finally moved the bench for the final stretch with the introduction of Oyarzabal for an ill-advised Morata and Pau Cubarsí for Le Normand. With everything to be decided and the tension increasing, both on the field and on the benches, Yamal found Carvajal and Beraldo's momentum ended in a new penalty that provoked the anger of the 'Canarinha' bench and the 3-2 score. Rodri. It was not definitive because in added time, a third penalty, apparently the clearest of the night, allowed Paquetá to equalize.

--RESULT: SPAIN, 3 - BRAZIL, 3 (2-1, at halftime).

SPAIN: Unai Simón; Carvajal, Le Normand (Cubarsí, min.80), Laporte, Cucurella; Rodri, Fabian; Yamal (Jesús Navas, min.92), Olmo, Williams (Sancet, min.89); and Morata (Oyarzabal, min.80).

BRAZIL: Bento; Danilo (Couto, min.46), Bruno, Beraldo, Wendell; Paquetá, Bruno Guimaraes (André, min.46), Joao Gomes (Pereira, min.46); Raphinha (Endrick, min.46), Rodrygo (Galeno, min.81) and Vinícius Jr (Douglas Luiz, min.71).

1-0, minute 12. Rodri, penalty.

2-0, minute 36. Dani Olmo.

2-1, minute 40. Rodrygo.

2-2, minuto 49. Endrick.

3-2, minute 87. Rodri, penalty.

3-3, minute 96. Paquetá, penalty.

--REFEREE: Antonio Emanuel Carvalho Nobre (POR). He warned Le Normand (34th minute), Laporte (42nd minute), Carvajal (52nd minute) for Spain, and Paqueta (58th minute), Endrick (78th minute), Pereira (85th minute) and Beraldo (min.93), by Brazil.

--Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.