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Vox claims that the early elections are "a clamor in the street" and applauds the "patriotism" of Tamames

MADRID, 21 Mar.

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Vox claims that the early elections are "a clamor in the street" and applauds the "patriotism" of Tamames


The Vox spokesman in Congress, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, has warned this Tuesday that the demand for general elections is "a clamor in the street" and has praised the "patriotism" of the candidate for the motion of no confidence, the economist and former politician Ramón Tamames.

"We bring a clamor from the street. With this motion of censure we elevate to the political category of normal what is completely normal at street level," he claimed from the rostrum of Congress, paraphrasing former Prime Minister Adolfo Suárez.

In this context, he praised the political past of Santiago Abascal, which today "is transformed into a renewed commitment to give voice back to millions of Spaniards who had no voice" and which, he stressed, is presented as "a retaining wall against to sanchismo and separatism".

Espinosa de los Monteros has emphasized that Vox was born with the aim of recovering debates "silenced" by bipartisanship and opposes it in the streets, courts and institutions, such as with the motion of no confidence. "The PSOE lacks legitimacy to speak of democracy, not because of its bloody past but because of its undemocratic present," he denounced.

At this point, he regretted that the Popular Party did not accept his offer to lead the motion of no confidence. "Once again, only Vox has remained", he has emphasized, also thanking the "generosity" of his candidate. "He has had a lot of courage and shown a lot of patriotism to bring the truths of the boatman to Congress today," he praised.

In addition, he has taken the opportunity to applaud the generation that motivated the Transition, which he now sees as "in danger". "I ask for respect for a generation that has earned it hard for another generation that has not yet shown anything, or at least nothing good," she asked.

After summarizing some of the most relevant points of Tamames' intervention, Espinosa de los Monteros offered "reasons for hope", represented by a "professional and not childish" government, focused on the "economic and moral" recovery of Spain, that values ​​life, defends women or loves Spain.

"Let's imagine because every day is a little closer. I can't imagine a better reason to vote than yes and I can't imagine any reason to vote for anything else," he claimed.

In addition, he has censored ERC and Bildu, to whom he has denied "credentials" to "expand Democrat cards" taking into account their history "of terrorism and coups d'état." And he has warned them that more and more workers support Vox because they are "tired of those who believe they are their masters."