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Vodafone closes a contract with Aqualia to digitize its water meters and optimize its management

MADRID, 25 Feb.

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Vodafone closes a contract with Aqualia to digitize its water meters and optimize its management


Vodafone Spain and Aqualia have closed a 10-year contract through which the operator will provide NB-IoT connectivity, a standard for wireless communications that can exchange small amounts of data efficiently to multiple devices, to digitize the entire life cycle. water and improve and optimize its management.

Within the framework of the Mobile World Congress 2024, the operator has explained that the initial objective is to supply around 1 million IoT (internet of things) connections to Aqualia's water meters in the first five years of the contract.

In this sense, Vodafone has recalled that since the deployment with Aqualia began in October 2022, around 250,000 meters have already been connected to its NB-IoT network.

"In the coming years, Aqualia will offer remote reading service to its more than 3 million users in Spain, which will result in better knowledge of water uses and its efficiency, and greater transparency in water management. Likewise, it will contribute to improving environmental aspects and generating highly qualified technical employment," Vodafone detailed.

In this sense, the director of IoT at Vodafone Spain, Daniel Barallat, has highlighted that the control and "correct management" of water use in Spain is a "constant and vitally important challenge."

Furthermore, he highlighted that with this contract the company will put its "state-of-the-art" technology at the service of Aqualia to contribute to the improvement of the conservation of natural resources and more efficient water management.

The digitalization of the comprehensive water cycle that Aqualia will undertake in the communities in which it operates is part of the Strategic Project for Recovery and Economic Transformation (Perte), which aims to modernize the urban water cycle to improve its efficiency and reduce losses in distribution systems, as well as improving residual treatment infrastructure.

In this context, Vodafone has a solution called 'Water Metering' created to respond to the digitalization needs of water management companies.

This tool allows the process of measuring consumption in homes, industries and public entities to be digitalized through the use of smart and connected devices that collect information that is later processed with data analytics.

The operator has explained that among the advantages offered by this tool are the detection of fraudulent use, leaks in facilities and the prediction of user consumption patterns.

Likewise, it serves to simplify and optimize the collection of consumption readings in a supply network, facilitates remote management of devices and reduces the complexity of integrations with customers' water management systems.