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Valencia Basket cannot beat Armani Milano and extends its losing streak

Valencia Basket cannot beat Armani Milano and extends its losing streak.

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Valencia Basket cannot beat Armani Milano and extends its losing streak

Valencia Basket cannot beat Armani Milano and extends its losing streak


Valencia Basket added their third straight defeat on Tuesday in the 2022-2023 Euroleague Regular Phase after losing 84-88 at La Fonteta against Italian EA7 Emporio Armani Milano, who knew how to take advantage of their best moment of the game to contain the reaction local end.

Alex Mumbrú's team could not become strong at home to add a vital victory in their attempt not to disengage from the first eight places, still close, but again inaccessible after another setback, a streak diametrically opposed to that of their rival, which achieved the fifth consecutive victory.

Ettore Messina's team not only imposed this good moment but also the best they had in the match, after the break and after the first 20 minutes where the 'taronja' did not take advantage of their arreones. Shabaz Nappier (28 points) led his team, very in tune from the triple (15/32), while Chris Jones (19) was the best of the locals.

They started the duel better and very soon opened the first interesting gap, a 14-5 that, however, could not give continuity. Those from Messina recovered from their erratic start, especially from the triple (0/5), and the first hit of three brought them closer (14-10).

Mumbrú's men replied with another from Dubljevic to get out of a small offensive break, but their rival had already gotten into the game and the returns of Shavon Shields and, above all, Kevin Pangos, gave them more offensive danger, although the domain continued to be of the 'taronja' group, working somewhat in gusts.

Thus, five points in a row from the Canadian point guard broke another bad visiting moment at the beginning of the second quarter. Valencia Basket went up eleven (28-17), but again could not keep up after the veteran Italian coach called his team to order.

Armani Milan signed a 0-9 run and was once again in the wake of the Spanish team, who knew how to manage the moment and not lose the initiative on the scoreboard thanks to the actions of Chris Jones (7 points), offset by the success in the triple of the Italian team through Ricci (2) and Melli, to leave the match balanced at halftime (42-39).

But the time in the locker room did not sit well with Valencia Basket, which was the victim in the resumption of the best start and the continuity in the success from the triple of Armani Milano, who managed to get ahead for the first time thanks to Nappier.

However, unlike the locals, the visitors did not stop and continued hammering the 'taronja' hoop. Four triples in a row (Nappier, Voigtmann and Baron -2-) got Messina off the ground heading into the final ten minutes after a clear 13-26 lead in the third quarter (55-65).

A '3 1' from Harper gave Valencia Basket air to go looking for a comeback and another triple from the 'electric' point guard put the locals with all the options (68-72). Mumbrú's men had two possessions to put more pressure on, but what the American had given them was taken away by some of his haste, punished by a three-pointer from Pangos (68-77).

The 'taronja' did not want to give up and grabbed a more reliable Jones, who led the final attempt to come back in an epic way. After several exchanges, a triple of his made it an exciting 84-85, but Melli caught a vital offensive rebound after a missed free throw by Nappier and the victory was away.


VALENCIA BASKET: Jones (19), Radebaugh (-), Puerto (15), Webb III (5) and Dubljevic (8) --starting five--; Harper (15), Claver (2), López-Arostegui (6), Prepelic (4), Pradilla (-) and Rivero (10).

EA7 EMPORIO ARMANI MILAN: Napier (28), Baron (10), Luwawu-Cabarrot (-), Melli (11) and Voigtmann (7) --starting five--; Shields (-), Pangos (13), Davies (-), Tonut (3), Ricci (12) and Hines (4).

-- PARTIALS: 21-17, 21-22, 13-26 and 29-23.

--REFEREES: Boltauzer, Panther and Silva. No deleted.

-- PAVILION: La Fonteta.