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US House of Representatives authorizes multibillion-dollar aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan

Washington will allocate about 57 billion euros to kyiv, the bulk of the item, part of which will be used to replenish US arsenals.

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US House of Representatives authorizes multibillion-dollar aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan

Washington will allocate about 57 billion euros to kyiv, the bulk of the item, part of which will be used to replenish US arsenals


The US House of Representatives has authorized this Saturday a multi-million dollar aid package to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan for a total value of about 90 billion euros, more than half of which will go to kyiv, whose authorities have been asking for months more assistance due to Russian advances on the front.

The aid would be divided between about 57 billion euros for Ukraine; 12.1 billion euros for Israel, immersed in the war against the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, and 7.5 billion euros for Taiwan, embroiled in a historic territorial dispute with China that in recent months has seen a rise in tensions.

The amount of money dedicated to replenishing Israel's missile defense systems amounts to about $4 billion and includes an additional $2.4 billion for ongoing U.S. military operations in the region.

The package also includes a provision of 8.4 billion euros to solve "the urgent humanitarian need of the population of Gaza", in reference to the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians trapped in the south of the enclave by Israeli bombings, "as well as other parts of the world".


In the case of Ukraine, it must be noted that more than a third of the money will go to the North American arsenals themselves, worn out after years of constant military aid to Ukraine, and whose replacement would facilitate new deliveries of material to the Ukrainian Government in the coming months. .

In addition, minutes before the authorization of the package, the chamber approved legislation that would allow the seizure of some 6 billion euros in Russian assets frozen in the United States and which would be redirected to an "aid fund for Ukraine." In a first reaction to this measure, the Kremlin spokesman, Dimitri Peskov, has assured that his country reserves the right to take reciprocal measures at some point, reports the TASS agency.

It should be remembered that Congress had not approved a measure of such magnitude since December 2022 due to the disputes between Democrats and Republicans and those existing within the conservative party itself. In fact, its House Speaker, Mike Johnson, has been under siege for weeks by a growing faction of his party, radically against providing more aid to Ukraine.

Among other additional aspects, the aid package for Ukraine includes some 12 billion euros to train, equip and finance the needs of the Ukrainian Army and some 9.3 billion euros in "forgivable loans" for vital economic and budgetary support, including for the sectors energy and infrastructure.

US President Joe Biden has promised to enact this aid package once it is approved in the Senate, after a vote that resulted in 311 votes in favor to 112 against, with bipartisan support between Democrats and Republicans.


In his congratulatory message, Biden applauded the harmony exhibited by representatives of both parties who have given their 'yes' to a plan that defends "the national security interests of the United States" and "sends a clear message about the power of leadership." American on the world stage.

"At this critical turning point, we have come together to answer the call of history. This package will provide critical support to Israel and Ukraine; provide desperately needed humanitarian aid to Gaza, Sudan, Haiti and other conflict-affected places and natural disasters around the world; and reinforce security and stability in the Indo-Pacific."

For Biden, this successful vote takes place "at a time of grave urgency, with Israel facing unprecedented attacks from Iran and Ukraine under continued bombing by Russia."

The president finally thanks Johnson and the bipartisan coalition of House lawmakers who voted to "put US national security first and foremost" for their work.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky welcomed the vote and thanked both parties, as well as Johnson, for finding themselves "on the right side of history" with this decision.

"Democracy and freedom will always be of global importance and will never fail as long as the United States helps protect them. The vital American relief bill passed by the House today will prevent war from expanding, save thousands upon thousands of lives, and help our two nations to strengthen themselves," he indicated.

"Just peace and security can only be achieved through force," continued the president, who hopes that the Senate and Biden will ratify the aid without further obstacles in the coming days.

The Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, has also welcomed "that the United States House of Representatives" has approved a new and important aid package that "gives us all more security, both in Europe and in America from North".

For German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, the vote has overcome "a major obstacle to US aid to Ukraine" and "the hearts of kyiv's most important allies" are once again beating in unison. "The United States and Europe stand together on the side of freedom, against Putin's war of terror. Today is a day of confidence for the security of Ukraine and Europe," she added.