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UP will demand the continuity of the coalition in the future and advances of the left in key laws, such as housing

Sectors of the group believe that Díaz will speak and there will be a leading role for women in the debate, although the interventions have not yet been defined.

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UP will demand the continuity of the coalition in the future and advances of the left in key laws, such as housing

Sectors of the group believe that Díaz will speak and there will be a leading role for women in the debate, although the interventions have not yet been defined


United We can face Vox's motion of no confidence with a defense of the Executive's progressive policies, it will flag the advances of feminism and the need to reissue the coalition government, for which it expects the PSOE to unblock pending laws, with the case housing paradigm.

On the other hand, and in the absence of the closure of the response strategy to the debate within the Government, various sectors of the confederal space think that the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, will have the opportunity to intervene in the reply. Interventions at the group level are also still open, although the leading role of women during the session is taken for granted.

The minority partner of the Executive, like other progressive forces, reacted to Vox's initiative by disdaining the motion of no confidence, with various leaders describing it as a "waste of time" and proclaiming that instead of being directed against the Government, their reason for being was the "battle" within the right between PP and Vox.

However, as the days have gone by they have made it clear that they will confront Vox and refute the speech of their candidate, the economist Ramón Tamames, whose leaked speech has been described as "stuff" and "hysterical fuss" from the extreme right by of the spokesman in Congress, Pablo Echenique.

In addition, and in a recent interview with Europa Press, the deputy of the confederal group Juantxo López de Uralde has also charged against Vox, whose proposals he defines as "harmful" and an attempt to return Spain to the "past".

Meanwhile, the second vice president recently indicated that it is a "serious" debate and a "very important" tool that will allow "contrasting two government models", where they will defend the policies deployed, the Executive's management balance during the pandemic and the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine.

Internally, the debate comes at a key moment for the process of reconfiguration of the left beyond the PSOE, given that Díaz will soon stage a closing act for Sumar's tour, where officials from United We Can expect him to announce his candidacy , and also between tensions with Podemos, which demands to close a coalition agreement beforehand.

Within the confederal group, they see a probable adoption of a similar model in the response offered by the Government to the one that took place in the previous Vox motion, with interventions by the two forces that make up the Government, although this has not yet been revealed. option. According to the sources consulted, it would be logical to show coordination and a common discourse through the two leaders of the two wings of the Executive.

In addition, positions such as Uralde are in favor of the possibility that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, do a tandem before Vox.

However, Podemos went one step further and proposed that women, both from the Government and from progressive groups, be the ones to lead the debate and thus stand up to Vox's "machismo", as proposed by the leader of the formation Ione Belarra.

In this way, apart from Díaz, he raised the option of giving the floor to socialist ministers, to Belarra herself and the head of Equality, Irene Montero, as well as deputies from parliamentary allies.

However, yesterday the Minister of Social Rights herself qualified that the general idea was to give prominence to women and that it did not necessarily imply that the two representatives of Podemos in the Executive had to speak. And other voices from the confederate space believe that it would be appropriate for there to be a single voice from the minority partner within the Government.

At the parliamentary group level, the speakers for the motion of censure are still open and, according to formation sources, the approach of giving a central role to women has been well received by the rest of the branches of the confluence.

Also on the Podemos side, as Belarra has recently raised, they demand that Sánchez and the PSOE need a "turn to the left" to send a message to the progressive bases and rebuild the progressive majority, after the failure to repeal the the 'gag' law. And it is that he criticized the fact that he went hand in hand with the PP in some matters, as in the case of the reform of the 'only yes is yes' reform.

And to consolidate this change of direction of his partner, he called to take advantage of the motion of no confidence to announce an agreement in the Housing Law and unblock this key regulation for the minority partner, as well as other regulations that are still frozen, such as his bill on health. mental.

The purple ones have also been demanding additional measures in economic matters for some time, such as stopping the rise in mortgages and intervening in the food market.