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Ukrainian Army Says Russian Troops Abandon "Some Positions" After "Counterattacks" In Bakhmut

MADRID, 1 May.

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Ukrainian Army Says Russian Troops Abandon "Some Positions" After "Counterattacks" In Bakhmut


The Ukrainian Army has affirmed this Monday that the Russian forces have abandoned "some positions" in the city of Bakhmut, located in the province of Donetsk (east) and epicenter of the fighting in recent months, after a series of "counterattacks" in the zone.

The commander of the Ukrainian Land Forces, Oleksander Sirskyi, has indicated in his Telegram account that "in some areas of the city, the enemy has been the target of counterattacks by Ukrainian units and has abandoned some positions."

However, he has recognized that "the situation is quite complicated" and has specified that "to advance, the enemy uses maximum efforts and does not reserve anything." "Despite significant losses, new assault groups from the Wagner Group, fighters from other private companies and airborne troops are constantly rushing into battle," he said.

"The enemy is unable to gain control of the city," said Sirskiy, who insisted that "there is intense fighting" in the area. "The enemy launches numerous attacks trying to break through the defenses of our positions in many directions," he noted.

"However, thanks to the resolution and courage of the defenders of the fortress, the enemy's actions have failed," he concluded, hours after the Russian Defense Ministry stated that Russian troops had made new advances in the city. .

For its part, the UK intelligence services highlighted last week that Ukrainian forces have "integrated" Bakhmut into a "much deeper defensive zone". Moscow attaches great strategic importance to the city as part of its invasion of the country, launched on February 24, 2022 by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin.