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The 'Tsunami' judge asks the Police for information about the Russian spies who traveled to Barcelona between 2014 and 2019

MADRID, 5 Mar.

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The 'Tsunami' judge asks the Police for information about the Russian spies who traveled to Barcelona between 2014 and 2019


The judge of the National Court investigating 'Tsunami Democràtic' has asked the General Information Commissioner of the National Police to provide him with all the information related to the alleged trip to Barcelona between 2014 and 2019 of the Russian spies who would specialize in sabotage.

In an order, collected by Europa Press, magistrate Manuel García Castellón agrees to the request of the private prosecution carried out by the Fuster-Fabra Abogados firm, which represents two agents who suffered injuries in the altercations that occurred in Barcelona in 2019 after meeting the 'procés' sentence, and that they would have been summoned by Tsunami.

In a letter from the office, to which this news agency had access, it was explained that no police report had been found in the case related to "alleged covert operations by members of Moscow's military intelligence service (GRU)." That is why the General Information Commissariat of the National Police requested an official request for them to provide whatever information they have available.

"If the aforementioned police reports exist about Russian spies who traveled to Barcelona between 2014 and 2019, they will be provided," he noted, later adding that specifically they are seven Russian spies.

In the documentary that they added to the document, they included news from the main media outlets with reference to those alleged Russian spies who, according to some media outlets, would have collaborated in some way with the Catalan government at key moments of the Catalan independence 'process'.

It is worth remembering that on February 8 it emerged that the European Parliament denounced in a resolution Russian interference during the independence process in Catalonia, pointing directly to the contacts of the former president of the Generalitat and Junts MEP, Carles Puigdemont, with former Russian spies in 2017. Likewise, he demanded an internal investigation by the European Parliament as well as that the authorities in Spain effectively investigate the connections of Catalan separatism with the Kremlin.

That resolution focused on Russian interference in democratic processes in Europe, and among other things, demanded that Spain investigate the connections between Catalan separatism and the Kremlin within the framework of the independence process.

The European Parliament also asked the competent judicial authorities to "effectively investigate the connections of the members of the European Parliament allegedly associated with the Kremlin and Russia's attempts at destabilization and interference in the EU", a reference that fit the situation of the former Catalan president. and current MEP, although he is not expressly named.

It is worth remembering that in the National Court, Judge Manuel García Castellón investigates the role of the 'Tsunami Democràtic' platform in those actions and altercations that arose in 2019 in response to the Supreme Court's conviction of the independence leaders.