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The technology consultancy atSistemas revises its corporate identity and is renamed 'knowmad mood'

MADRID, 24 May.

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The technology consultancy atSistemas revises its corporate identity and is renamed 'knowmad mood'


The technology consultancy specialized in digital transformation atSistemas has redesigned its corporate identity after 29 years and is renamed 'knowmad mood', as reported by the company in a statement.

"The commitment to become one of the main 'players' in the technology sector and in order to promote compliance with the 2021-2024 strategic plan, atSistemas is committed to changing its corporate identity to 'knowmad mood' to align the image and brand perception with its objectives of growth and international expansion", explained the firm.

The internal changes that the company has established also include the merger between atSistemas and Digital Wolves, the company's digital transformation services division, into a single unified brand.

Thus, the technological group is made up of 'knowmad mood', the result of the merger of both brands, and DEXS, the division that offers an ecosystem of training, technology and service solutions.

According to the company, this brand change fulfills the purpose of "strengthening its position in the market" through innovation and "sustainable development" with the mission of continuing to "provide value" to customers, boost talent, unify the digital strategy of the business with the capacity and technical solutions and marks a "new course" in its future.

"It is about the international projection of the company and the services it offers correspond to the current dimension it enjoys, in terms of good reputation and recognition in the market. For this reason, it is fundamentally an evolutionary process in in which the same corporate values ​​and principles are preserved, but expressed in a more coherent way with the current reality of atSistemas", the company highlighted.

Along these lines, the new corporate image of 'knowmad mood' includes a new logo that, in his opinion, creates "a new visual expression of the company, but leaving intact the corporate colors that have characterized the brand since its foundation in 1994." .

In addition to the presentation of the new brand, the company has recently inaugurated the offices for its headquarters in Las Rozas (Madrid), with which it also seeks to "strengthen its position as a large multinational company".

"We have no doubt that the job profile of the future is that of 'knowledge nomad', people who are digital natives and are characterized by their creativity and capacity for innovation, as well as by generating a network with other people beyond the physical borders. But, in addition, they are responsible, flexible and passionate about their work, which allows them to be resilient in the face of adversity", has opined the CEO of 'knowmad mood', José Manuel Rufino Fernández, about the new corporate identity of the company.