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The socialist wing of the Government will confront in the motion the "outdated" model of an increasingly close PP and Vox

Sánchez will reproach that the PP has turned from 'no' to abstention against Vox because it needs to agree after the elections.

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The socialist wing of the Government will confront in the motion the "outdated" model of an increasingly close PP and Vox

Sánchez will reproach that the PP has turned from 'no' to abstention against Vox because it needs to agree after the elections


The socialist wing of the Government is facing the motion of censure that is being debated in Congress as of this Tuesday at the proposal of Vox, with the aim of contrasting its model of the country with that of the right and the extreme right. In this sense, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will defend the measures adopted by his Executive and his country model against another "outdated" represented by PP and Vox, as a source from Moncloa has indicated to Europa Press.

Therefore, Sánchez's intervention will be directed at the two political forces on the right and will try to highlight the "radicalization" of the PP and its rapprochement with the party of Santiago Abascal, which presents as a candidate the economist and former member of the PCE, Ramón Tamames.

Sánchez will follow this line despite the fact that the motion of censure has been presented exclusively by Vox, while the main opposition party has reiterated its rejection of it – which it considers an error for granting a parliamentary victory to the head of the Executive. -.

In this regard, sources close to the chief executive have told Europa Press that the motion of no confidence will serve to show the "radicalization" of the PP and its proximity to Vox. In this sense, they underline that those of Feijóo have announced that they will abstain while in the previous motion of censure presented by Abascal -in October 2020 and with Pablo Casado as leader of the opposition- the PP voted 'no'.

Along the same lines, Sánchez has highlighted the rapprochement with Vox that, in his opinion, the PP has experienced in recent years during his speech at the PSOE Electoral Committee held this Saturday. "Casado's PP marked a clear distance from the extreme right with a tough speech against Vox, but what Feijóo's PP has done is get closer to Vox," he stated.

"There is no room for deception, the relationship between the right and the extreme right has not been the same for a year, from the collision in the time of Casado we have gone to the collusion in the time of Feijóo," he added.

The Socialists charge against the PP by pointing out that on this occasion they cannot abstain because they need Vox for future electoral pacts. Thus, the Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory, Félix Bolaños, blamed Feijóo that he does not want to bother Abascal because he knows that he is his "indispensable partner".

Along the same lines, PSOE leaders have tried to link the 'popular' in the organization of the motion by describing the meetings held by the PP leader with Tamames and Abascal as "preparatory meetings".

"It is that Feijóo ate with Tamames and met secretly with Abascal," said the PSOE spokesman in Congress, Patxi López when Vox confirmed that he was registering the motion of censure. He also indicated that he supposed that Feijóo ate with them to prepare the "plan of the right" that is now going to be known and that he intends to change one government for another.

Although Sánchez has not wanted to reveal his parliamentary strategy and anticipate which members of the Executive will intervene in the debate on the motion, the government sources consulted indicate that they are going to confront the progressive model of the current coalition government with that of Vox and PP who qualify as "deciduous".

Sánchez will defend his measures, and will foreseeably emphasize the recent pension agreement approved last week in the Council of Ministers after an agreement with the minority partner of the coalition, Unidas Podemos and that has the approval of the European Commission, as they remark. in Moncloa.

However, the president avoided commenting on the proposal launched by United We Can so that the second vice president Yolanda Díaz and the purple ministers Irene Montero and Ione Belarra are the ones who respond to Abascal and Tamames. The minority partner of the Government argued that in this way they intended to "protect" Sánchez from a "fake" motion

When questioned about it, Sánchez dodged the question. "It will allow me not to reveal the parliamentary strategy in the motion of no confidence by the Government," he said this week during a press conference in Lanzarote, at the time that he summoned to wait until Tuesday to be able to see it.

The one who responded to the proposal of the purples was Bolaños, who was in favor of the Government carrying out "a common strategy" to reply to Abascal and Tamames, although he did not go into details about which members of the Government will take the floor.

The only sure thing is that Sánchez will get on the rostrum to participate in the motion. Yolanda Díaz could also participate if the fall 2020 precedent is taken as a reference. On that occasion, the chief executive debated with the candidate Abascal on the first day. On the following day, when the then leader of the PP, Pablo Casado replied to Abascal, it was Vice President Pablo Iglesias who asked to speak. Finally, Sánchez spoke again to close the debate.