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The president of Melilla dismisses the advisor of his Government detained for the alleged "buying of votes"

MELILLA, May 24.

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The president of Melilla dismisses the advisor of his Government detained for the alleged "buying of votes"


The president of the Autonomous Region of Melilla, Eduardo de Castro, has fired this Wednesday the councilor for Districts, Youth and Citizen Participation, Mohamed Ahmed Al-Lal (CPM), arrested on Tuesday for his alleged involvement in the plot of alleged "purchase of votes" through the mail vote for the municipal and regional elections on May 28.

According to the Decree signed by Eduardo de Castro and urgently published this Wednesday in the Official Gazette of Melilla, De Castro orders "the dismissal of Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Al-Lal as councilor for Districts, Youth and Citizen Participation, revoking, if applicable, all the delegations made by this Presidency".

The dismissal of the CEPEM advisor comes one day after the president himself, after the arrest of Mohamed Ahmed and nine other people between Monday and Tuesday for the alleged commission of two crimes, one electoral and another belonging to a criminal group related to the supposed purchase of suffrages by means of the postal vote, it will advance that "I will dismiss members of the Executive if their legal situation so requires."

Through his official profile on social networks, the first Melilla authority, a deputy expelled from Ciudadanos who has governed since 2019 thanks to the votes of the eight CPM deputies and four from the PSOE, expressed that he felt "very concerned about the events of the last few hours: as president of the Government of Melilla I am aware of its judicial reach, since my duty is to preserve the rule of law and the interests of Melilla".

Mohamed Ahmed Al-lal, who is also a local deputy for CPM, has been a member of the Melilla Executive since in June 2019 they managed to win the vote against the most voted candidacy, that of Juan José Imbroda with 10 seats and the two supports he received of Vox, compared to the 13 deputies added by the current Government (8 CPM, 4 PSOE and one from Ciudadanos). His cessation comes four days before the elections, when the Eduardo de Castro Executive will already be in office until the constitution of the new Assembly, set for June 17.

Ahmed, who will contest the elections on May 28 as number three in the CEPEM candidacy, was arrested on Tuesday and a few hours later, after invoking his right not to testify, he was released, although with the withdrawal of his passport and the intervention of his mobile phone.

The until now District Councilor, in a statement to the media, denounced that his arrest was due to "political persecution" by the Government Delegation, whose head is the socialist Sabrina Moh Abdelkader, something that the government institution has emphatically denied by assuring that the investigation is under court order.