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The presenter and actress Laura Valenzuela dies at the age of 92

   MADRID, 17 Mar.

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The presenter and actress Laura Valenzuela dies at the age of 92


The presenter and actress Laura Valenzuela has died this Friday in Madrid at the age of 92, as reported by Telecinco, the chain in which the communicator worked.

Rocío Laura Espinosa López-Cepero, the real name of the presenter, was born in Seville on February 18, 1931 and began her artistic career at a very young age in the world of cinema. In a few years, she became one of the most popular faces on the big and small screen.

Actress in films such as 'La violetera', 'Aquellos tiempos del cuplé' or 'Soltera y madre en la vida', Valenzuela was one of the first TVE presenters, where she presented, sang and danced.

Married to the well-known film producer José Luis Dibildos since 1971, the actress also developed her career abroad, working with stars such as Alain Delon in 'El tulipán negro' in 1964, or with Sofía Loren in 'Madame Sans- Gene' in 1961. He also combined his film career with mythical shows like 'Galas del sábado', with Joaquín Prat as a professional couple on the small screen.

It was in 1971 when Laura Valenzuela decided to retire after going down the aisle with José Luis Dibildos to dedicate herself to her family, since just six months after her wedding, her only daughter, Lara, was born.

It would not be until almost 20 years later, in 1990, when the presenter would return to work at Telecinco, where she presented 'Tell me?', 'The nap is over', 'Give yourself a breath', 'Tele 5 mornings' with José María Íñigo or 'My dear Spain'. Subsequently, she had different appearances on TVE, where she presented 'Mañanas de Primera', 'Entre tú y yo' or the 50th anniversary Gala of the public channel.

In 2012, he received the Television Academy Award for his entire professional career and later, and after a 52-year career, he withdrew from the spotlight and from public life to enjoy his family.