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The PP proposes to Congress allocate European funds to convert combustion vehicles into electric

MADRID, 7 May.

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The PP proposes to Congress allocate European funds to convert combustion vehicles into electric


The Plenary Session of Congress will debate on Tuesday a bill of the PP to allocate part of the European funds or what is known as 'retrofit', the transformation of combustion vehicles into electric ones.

In their initiative, collected by Europa Press, the 'popular' propose to introduce a new provision in decree law 29/2021, by which urgent measures are adopted in the energy field for the promotion of electric mobility, self-consumption and deployment of renewable energies.

Through this new final provision, the PP suggests that part of the funds that Spain receives under the Recovery Plan be allocated to undertake this system of conversion to electric battery vehicles or fuel cells. In a complementary way, the start-up of a specific line is demanded, within the corresponding Part, that allows the "simplification and lowering of the price" of the conversion processes.

The PP sees it necessary to allocate European funds to this matter given the "complexity" involved in the transformation of the sector. "For this reason, it is necessary to have part of the funds that the European Commission assigns to Spain within the framework of the Recovery Plan," explains the group.

In their initiative, which will be voted on Tuesday, they also propose that, within six months, the Government adopt the necessary measures to expedite the procedures for converting combustion engines to other 'green' ones, for which they must submit for consultation , in advance, the reforms to be developed with the sector and the actors involved.

On the other hand, the PP sees it necessary to design a "more efficient" certification and approval system that protects the different actors involved in the process.

In addition, the 'popular' want a mechanism to be implemented that allows, without renouncing the required security parameters, to reduce bureaucratic barriers and processing costs that limit these conversion processes, reinforcing the guarantees of consumers and users, of manufacturers of vehicles, as well as those who dedicate themselves to the transformation of these.