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The PP believes that the PSOE "has something to hide" for refusing to investigate the 'Mediator' case in Congress

MADRID, 18 Mar.

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The PP believes that the PSOE "has something to hide" for refusing to investigate the 'Mediator' case in Congress


The PP spokesperson in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, expressed her suspicions this Saturday that the PSOE has "something to hide" for refusing to open a commission of inquiry in Congress on the 'Mediator' plot, supposedly headed by the former socialist deputy Juan Bernardo Fuentes Curbelo, nicknamed 'Tito Berni'.

The PSOE and its allies from ERC and Bildu rejected on Tuesday in the Board of Spokespersons of Congress to put a check on the debate of the investigation commission raised by the PP on the case. In exchange, the Socialists agreed with their partners that the Civil Guard works contracts be analyzed in the ordinary commissions of the Lower House, the Interior House and the Democratic Quality Chamber, now that Justice is investigating irregularities in awards to certain businessmen, known as the 'Barracks' case.

As indicated by Gamarra in RNE, what happened with Fuentes Curbelo "deserves an investigation" that the PSOE "has avoided" despite the fact that "even the Socialists" had shown themselves in favor "of carrying out an investigation to the end."

"We should have expected the PSOE to have wanted the investigation to go to the end, if only to restore honor to the Congress of Deputies and, with it, to his group," he pointed out, before assuring that when it has " so afraid" of a commission that could affect "is because they have something to hide.

Gamarra has made ugly the pact reached between PSOE, ERC and Bildu, which he has branded as a "change of stickers", so that the commission has not gone ahead. "In exchange for something and nothing less than the Civil Guard", he has criticized, stressing that they try to use the body as a "smoke screen". "The PSOE, in order to save itself, if it has to hand over the entire Civil Guard, it does so and it does not have any problem," he has sentenced.

On the other hand, the leader of the PP has admitted her "joy" that the reform of the so-called 'gag law' has not finally occurred because, in her opinion, "it is a good law". "We are glad that something that was bad does not go ahead", she has concluded her.

The reform of the Citizen Security Law failed on Tuesday due to the vote against ERC and Bildu to the opinion submitted to the Interior Commission of the Congress of Deputies. Therefore, the text approved by the PP in 2025 with its absolute majority will remain in force.