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The Police detain three young people for racist insults to Vinicius in Mestalla

Bernabé: "The Valencia fans certainly don't deserve what happened on Sunday".

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The Police detain three young people for racist insults to Vinicius in Mestalla

Bernabé: "The Valencia fans certainly don't deserve what happened on Sunday"


The National Police arrested three young people between the ages of 18 and 21 on Tuesday in relation to racist insults against the Real Madrid player Vinicius during the football match between this team and Valencia CF played on Sunday at Mestalla.

As reported by the Police, the detainees are accused of a crime related to the exercise of fundamental rights and public liberties.

It so happens that the National Police have also arrested four men in Madrid on Tuesday - three of them linked to the ultra group Frente Atlético and a fourth son of a civil guard -, for allegedly hanging a doll with the shirt of the Real Madrid footballer Vinícius Júnior on a bridge near the Ciudad Deportiva of the white club hours before a match between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid that took place at the end of January.

In the case of the Mestalla, the Police have announced the arrests moments after the Government delegate in the Valencian Community, Pilar Bernabé, has confirmed that there were three identified for these events. She has indicated so during a visit that she has made to the electoral warehouse on the occasion of the local and regional elections of 28M, asked about the police investigation into what happened on Sunday.

Bernabé, who has described what happened as a "regrettable and reprehensible incident", has stressed that the State Security Forces and Bodies "are working from the moment the incident occurred." Asked if the police work also extends to the outside of the stadium, the delegate has asserted that she is "working with the videos" and has asked to let the Police "do her job".

"The National Police continues to work, the members of the State Security Forces and Corps continue to work on the investigation and we are going to let it run its course so that this type of event does not occur again in a field like Mestalla" , has manifested. "These fans, of course, do not deserve what happened on Sunday," he added.

Regarding whether the National Police or the Government Delegation in the Valencian Community consider taking some type of measure so that incidents like the one last Sunday can be avoided inside and outside the football fields, Bernabé has referred to the statement issued by the Superior Sports Council.

"He communicated that he is working with both La Liga and the Football Federation to launch a campaign against racism on football pitches", explained the delegate, who stressed that "there is nothing more antagonistic to the values ​​of sport and of Spanish society as a whole than racist and xenophobic manifestations".

"Both the Higher Sports Council and La Liga and the Football Federation have also said it well, they are going to get to work precisely on this campaign to raise awareness and work against xenophobia and racism," he concluded.