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The passage of 'Ciarán' through Spain leaves one dead, numerous incidents, canceled flights and suspended train lines

A Coruña is the province with the highest number of incidents, mostly due to falling trees and branches on roads.

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The passage of 'Ciarán' through Spain leaves one dead, numerous incidents, canceled flights and suspended train lines

A Coruña is the province with the highest number of incidents, mostly due to falling trees and branches on roads.


The passage of the storm 'Ciarán' through Spain has so far left one person dead due to a falling tree in Madrid, as well as numerous incidents caused by wind and rain, which have also caused the cancellation of 42 flights and the suspension of rail traffic, mainly in the north of the peninsula.

The virulence of the storm has caused a fatality in Madrid, where a young woman who died at 1:00 p.m. this Thursday when a tree fell on her while she was walking down a street in the Chamberí district of Madrid, near number 2 of the Almagro street, while five other people have been slightly injured, as reported by an Emergency spokesperson in the capital.

The 23-year-old girl, who was with her parents waiting for a pedestrian crossing, was hit by the falling tree, dying almost instantly, and the rest of the people were trapped between the branches. Samur-Civil Protection paramedics quickly rushed to the scene and found the deceased young woman without the ability to resuscitate, rescued from the branches by the City Hall Firefighters.

The other five people have been injured by blows, bruises and minor cuts. Firefighters from the Community of Madrid carried out 124 interventions from midnight to 1:00 p.m. this Thursday due to problems related to the strong wind in the region, the majority due to falling branches and trees onto the street, as reported to Europa Press by a Emergency 112 spokesperson.

At the national level, Galicia is the province with the highest number of incidents, more than 500 managed from the 112 center, due to the adverse weather that has left winds of up to 168 km/h in the Lugo mountain, intense rainfall with more of 70 liters per square meter in Fornelos de Montes (Pontevedra) and waves of almost seven meters in front of A Coruña.

The storm of rain and wind that has hit the northwest of the peninsula since Wednesday is also impacting mobility in the Galician community, where railway traffic has been suspended since the afternoon of November 1 between Ourense and Vigo and between A Coruña and Ferrol. The storm has also caused several traffic accidents, although none serious, most of them on secondary roads in Galicia.

Furthermore, the fall of branches and trees on the roads and the accumulation of water on the road has affected road traffic, in addition to affecting air traffic. According to values ​​captured by Meteogalicia in the last 24 hours, the winds have exceeded 130 kilometers per hour in coastal points such as Cedeira (A Coruña) or Oia (Pontevedra) and in the interior, mountain areas such as Carballeda de Valdeorras ( Ourense) or Muíños (Ourense). The maximum race was recorded in O Xistral -- Muras (Lugo) -- at 168 km/h minutes before the median.

Regarding the rains, intense throughout the Galician geography, Fornelos de Montes (Pontevedra) has been the place where the most water has been collected with 71.8 liters per square meter. Furthermore, the intense rainfall of recent days, especially those recorded with the entry of 'Ciarán', keeps a dozen Galician rivers in the four provinces at risk of overflowing.

In total, the CIAE 112 Galicia has attended to a total of 556 incidents related to 'Ciarán' between noon on Wednesday and 6:00 a.m. this Thursday, the vast majority due to incidents on Galician roads, mainly due to falling trees and branches on the road (334). The most affected province, so far, has been A Coruña with 245 incidents, followed by Pontevedra (183), Lugo (76) and, finally, Ourense (48).

Likewise, the storm has caused cuts in the electricity supply in Galicia, with some 9,800 customers affected, as UFD, Naturgy's electricity distributor, has informed Europa Press.

Precisely in A Coruña, due to the storm, the Tower of Hercules has been closed, a measure that has also been adopted in other museums in the city such as the House of Sciences because the park is closed, in line with the measures adopted in relation to these spaces.

Another monument affected has been the Alhambra in Granada, where the Board of Trustees of the Alhambra and the Generalife has implemented this Thursday the provisional limitation of the route through the Generalife to prevent strong gusts of wind, as well as the closure of various parks in the city. .

Also in the south, the Almería City Council has decided to close access to the capital's two large parks this Thursday and has proceeded to mark out the city's children's play areas to "prevent" the possible risks generated by the wind storm. .

Meanwhile, in Jaén, the City Council has closed the city's parks as a safety measure due to strong gusts of wind, as in Cáceres, where parks remain closed due to gusts of wind that could reach 80 kilometers per hour. hour.

In Castilla y León, Civil Protection has declared an alert throughout the community due to heavy rain and winds that can reach 100 km/h, while in Cantabria the storm is leaving strong gusts of wind, up to 128 kilometers per hour in San Roque. of Riomiera and about 100 km/h in various parts of the community, which have caused 79 incidents between 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday and 7:00 a.m. this Thursday. In this community, the red warning (extreme risk) has been activated due to adverse coastal phenomena and the waves are in some cases close to 11 meters high, after having reached 13.5 meters at five in the morning.

In Euskadi, the wind storm has caused 396 actions by the Ertzaintza and 9 traffic accidents without injuries since the orange alert for strong winds was activated last Wednesday afternoon, according to sources from the Basque Department of Safety. . Castilla-La Mancha has accumulated a total of 12 incidents.

At the national level, the storm has caused the cancellation of 42 flights and 7 diversions in Aena's Spanish airport network this Thursday, as confirmed by the airport operator to Europa Press. The north of Spain has been the most affected part, with 13 cancellations in Bilbao, 6 cancellations and a diversion in A Coruña, 4 operations canceled each at the airports of San Sebastián and Barcelona, ​​three in Asturias, 2 flights canceled and a diversion in Vigo and 2 other cancellations in Santander.

In Madrid, 8 flights have been canceled and there has been a diversion, while in Valencia there have been no cancellations but there have been 4 diversions. In Europe, the storm has caused airlines and airports in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium to cancel some of their flights this week, mainly this Thursday and Friday.

Also in Madrid, Adif will keep traffic on the C-9 metric gauge line of Cercanías Madrid between Navacerrada and Cotos suspended until 4:00 p.m. this Thursday due to inclement weather. In Asturias, Renfe has suspended this Thursday the service between Pravia and Cudillero, which will be carried out with alternative road transport, due to strong gusts of wind.

In Valencia, the Port of Sagunt has been closed to maritime traffic due to the coastal storm, as well as parks and gardens due to gusts of wind. In this city, the covered swimming pool of the Benimàmet sports center has been evacuated due to the fall of part of a glass wall due to the wind, with no injuries reported, among other incidents.