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The Móstoles PP denounces the attack by two far-left members of the party headquarters with pepper spray

MADRID, 22 May.

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The Móstoles PP denounces the attack by two far-left members of the party headquarters with pepper spray


The PP of Móstoles has denounced the attack by two hooded "far-left" people who carried knives and sprayed the party headquarters with pepper spray when there were some 40 people inside, six of whom had to receive assistance.

The PP candidate in Móstoles, Manuel Bautista, explained that the attack by these two people, "recognized ultra-left members", occurred around 9:00 p.m. when a course for auditors was being taught at the headquarters.

As he explained to Europa Press, the attackers were hooded and armed with knives. They have accessed the door shouting "looks, sons of bitches" and have sprayed the headquarters with pepper spray for a few seconds.

The people who were inside the headquarters had to leave it quickly while the young people shouted "we are going to kill you". Six of them, some with previous respiratory problems, have had to receive medical attention for shortness of breath and anxiety attacks.

In addition, once detained by the police, the youngsters have attacked a member by tearing his shirt, according to PP sources, and have subsequently been arrested.

Emergency sources 112 Comunidad de Madrid have confirmed that a notice has been received for these events but in the end no medical device was mobilized by this service.


The head of the list of the PP of Móstoles has described the events as an "authentic attack on democracy" and has condemned the events. So has the regional president and regional leader of the popular, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who has lamented "another attack" on a headquarters of the popular, "attacking various affiliates."

"My support and affection for all of them and our condemnation of these totalitarian practices. They will not be able to with our freedom or our desire," stressed the PP candidate for the Presidency of the Community.

For his part, the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has described this fact as a "shameful" attitude of the "extreme left" and has pointed out that in the face of hatred, violence and fear "of those who want to censor us, our defense of freedom and coexistence".

"All my support for my colleagues from the PP in Móstoles," Almeida wrote in a message on his Twitter profile.