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The LNFS will seek the "unanimous support" of the political groups for the professionalization of futsal

Ask Rubiales "not to try to influence" or "condition" the political debate and vote.

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The LNFS will seek the "unanimous support" of the political groups for the professionalization of futsal

Ask Rubiales "not to try to influence" or "condition" the political debate and vote


The National Futsal League (LNFS) has reported this Monday that it will resume meetings with political groups to seek "unanimous support" to achieve the professionalization of futsal, and urged the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to "abstain from conditioning any debate or vote," it says in a statement.

"The LNFS will resume meetings with all political forces in search of unanimous support to obtain recognition as a professional sport, after the Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a Non-Ley Proposal on March 1 in the Congress of Deputies to achieve that the qualification of their competitions is of a professional nature", he announced in the note.

For the president of the LNFS, Javier Lozano, futsal, "by history, by figures and by results, deserves to be qualified as a professional league", as other sports such as women's soccer and handball have already requested and achieved. . "It is a political decision to achieve a historical claim, far from any ideological nuance," he said.

"We have improved pavilions, in addition to having made regulations to improve the product, broadcasts and even pedagogical economic control, we were already a professional league in fact, but not in law and that is what we are going to ask of you, scrupulously following all regulatory channels, as we have done up to now to all the parliamentary groups in the Congress of Deputies," added Lozano.

Thus, the LNFS requests through its statement to the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, "not to try to influence any public representative in the performance of their duties." In addition, it urges the federal entity to "refrain from conditioning any debate or vote of the different political groups in the Culture and Sports Commission of the Congress of Deputies."

"For the sake of transparency, legality, exemplarity and the utmost respect for the democratic values ​​that must be demanded of an institution like the RFEF," he recalled, before asking Rubiales and the federative entity's general secretary, Andreu Camps, to "explain in detail what would be the supposed interests that would allegedly hide behind the presentation of a Non-Legal Proposal by the Popular Party" for that professionalization.

For this reason, the LNFS statement reiterated that "an institution like the RFEF cannot make such an extremely serious accusation against the Sports spokesman of the main opposition party in a veiled manner."

The organization expressed its "firm conviction that Spain would organize a magnificent Soccer World Cup in 2030" and related it to the option of futsal becoming recognized as a professional sport.

"We urge Rubiales to detail in detail how it could affect a country that is prepared to host all kinds of events the simple fact that any parliamentary group can present non-legal proposals that formulate resolution proposals to the Chamber, as has been made the Popular Group with the professionalization of futsal", warned the note.

The LNFS officially and unanimously requested on October 7, 2022 before the CSD Board of Directors the qualification of futsal as a professional sport, based on the fact that the competition meets the requirements of the Sports Law. Specifically, "the existence of labor ties between clubs and athletes and the importance and economic dimension of the competition."

"The LNFS has a budget of 2.4 million euros for 2022-2023, 14.3 percent more than in 2021-2022. In addition, it expects to return to profit, with a positive result of between 20,000 euros and 40,000 euros. Currently, it has an agreement with LaLigaSportsTV until the end of this season and distributes 1.4 million. Last season the clubs received a media return of 131 million for the 417 live broadcasts of the competition," he recalled.