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The LAJ denounce a "comparative grievance" for the "cordial treatment" that Justice is giving to other groups

They warn that they will not tolerate the "salary gap" with other bodies of civil servants increasing.

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The LAJ denounce a "comparative grievance" for the "cordial treatment" that Justice is giving to other groups

They warn that they will not tolerate the "salary gap" with other bodies of civil servants increasing


The Lawyers of the Administration of Justice (LAJ) have sent a letter to the Ministers of Finance and Justice, María Jesús Montero and Pilar Llop, respectively, in which they denounce a "comparative grievance" alleging that during their two months of indefinite strike they suffered a "public derision", while now the Government gives a "cordial treatment" to other groups that demand labor improvements, warning that they will not give up those that benefit them.

In their letter, to which Europa Press has had access, the National College of LAJ, the Progressive Union of LAJ and the Independent Association of LAJ express their "deep discomfort" at "the way in which the Ministry of Justice is addressing the different conflicts raised with judicial groups".

These three associations called a strike on January 24 that lasted two months and, after tough negotiations with the Ministry led by Llop --including meetings at dawn--, they achieved a salary increase of up to 450 euros per month. Subsequently, the other officials in the administration of justice began their own strike on April 17, and now judges and prosecutors are threatening to strike indefinitely from May 16 to achieve similar improvements.

"The comparative grievance that we perceive after having suffered an unfortunate public ridicule by ministerial officials during the indefinite strike, and the 'cordial' treatment that is being maintained with the rest of the groups in conflict, is more than significant. We cannot forget that He accused us of carrying out a 'political strike' or 'kidnapping the people', among other insults and contempt," the LAJ reproached.

In addition, they underline the fact that they had to go on strike for two months, "when others are being attended to immediately and at no cost." Specifically, they consider "it is striking that a threat of a strike by the judicial associations was enough to address their claims."

Thus, they demand from Justice "the immediate return of the amounts withheld in a strike that opened the door to other" groups to demand similar improvements.

They also recall that, in their opinion, the agreement reached was "insufficient", "but it was accepted because it was stated at all times that greater increases were not allowed in the public service as a whole."

In this regard, they warn that they will not tolerate that "the pay gap" with the rest of the groups in the same category in the Ministry of Justice "continues to increase and that it narrows more and more with respect to the lower ones."

"We are clear that any increase in the general complement of the position or in any other concept that is practiced in a generic and indiscriminate way to the set of general or special bodies, as well as to judges and prosecutors, must also necessarily take advantage of the LAJ ", they maintain.

Consequently, they alert Justice that the body of Lawyers of the Administration of Justice "is determined to support as many conflict measures as necessary."

It should be remembered that the LAJ managed to get the Government to disburse 22.7 million euros to improve the salary conditions of the 4,000 civil servants that make up this body.

Now, the rest of the officials of the administration of justice (about 45,000) ask for about 200 million, while Justice has offered the 8,000 judges and prosecutors about 44 million.

The associations of judges and prosecutors will reject the offer in their meeting this Monday with the Ministry of Llop, because it only represents 6% of the loss of purchasing power that they say they have suffered in these years and that they place at 20%.