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The LAJ accept the Justice proposal to end the indefinite strike

The final decision will be made tomorrow at a meeting with the Ministry.

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The LAJ accept the Justice proposal to end the indefinite strike

The final decision will be made tomorrow at a meeting with the Ministry


76% of the Lawyers of the Administration of Justice (LAJ) who have participated in the vote this Monday have shown themselves in favor of accepting in tomorrow's meeting with the Ministry the proposal that Pilar's team put on the table Llop, which would put an end to the strike that they have been holding since last January 24 in search of salary improvements that compensate for the workload assumed in recent years.

As reported by the Illustrious National College of Lawyers of the Administration of Justice, the majority support "supports the strike committee so that tomorrow, at the meeting scheduled with the Ministry at 11:00 a.m., the agreement that puts an end to the strike can be signed. strike (...) once some terms of the final agreement that remain to be qualified are clarified".

This Monday, as announced last Friday, assemblies have been held throughout the country in which "detailed accounts" of the Ministry's proposal to the LAJ have been given. The National College has shown its "satisfaction with the development, without any incident, of this voting day."

Of the 2,013 votes cast, 1,524 --representing 76%-- have been in favor; 421 against --21%-- and 68 abstentions --3%--, according to the data handled by the College of LAJ.

The strike committee is expected to sit down tomorrow at the table with Justice to accept the proposal he made to them. Tomorrow's will be the fourth meeting since negotiations resumed on March 17 - with the Ministry of Finance also involved - after the break that occurred at the end of February as a result of a series of meetings that the lawyers described as " unsuccessful".

The agreement seems to come after more than two months of strike in which, according to data from the convening associations, some 356,000 trials and hearings have been suspended, some 424,000 lawsuits have been stopped and the consignment accounts have remained stopped until 1,280 million euros.

In these nine weeks, the convening associations --the Progressive Union of Lawyers (UPSJ), the Illustrious National College of LAJ and the Independent Association of Lawyers (AInLAJ)-- have registered a participation of between 85% and 73%, while the Ministry has observed between 33.92% and 18.9% follow-up.

Since January 24, the LAJ demonstrated on two occasions at the doors of the Ministry to demand that they be compensated on the payroll for the workload assumed in recent years; They called for the resignation of the Secretary of State for Justice, Antonio 'Tonxtu' Rodríguez, and that of the minister herself.

During the strike, the head of the Ministry recalled the measures adopted in the last year in favor of the LAJ and asked the strike committee to move away from "maximalist" positions and to present "realistic" proposals. The Secretary of State went so far as to say that it was a "political" strike that did not pursue any wage claim and stressed that they already earned between 40,000 and 60,000 euros a year.

The climax of the conflict took place after the first meeting this year. That February 17, both parties sat at the table for more than 15 hours -- including early morning -- and got up with mutual reproaches for maintaining immovable positions.

The path traveled has led them to the meeting that will take place tomorrow Tuesday, where it is expected to end the struggle that -beyond the indefinite strike and the demonstrations this year- accumulated specific strikes in 2021 and 2022.