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The kings of England say they are "very moved" by the celebrations during the coronation

MADRID, 7 May.

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The kings of England say they are "very moved" by the celebrations during the coronation


King Charles III and Queen Camilla of England have stated this Sunday that they are "very moved" by the celebrations on Saturday for the coronation of the couple of monarchs.

"We are both deeply grateful to all those who helped make it such a glorious occasion and to the many who turned out in large numbers to express their support in London and abroad," Buckingham Palace said in a statement.

The kings have not been seen in public this Sunday morning, presumably a day dedicated to resting after the intense celebrations on Saturday, according to the British press. They are scheduled to appear at the Coronation Concert scheduled for Sunday afternoon at Windsor Castle.

Those who have not appeared have been the princes of Wales, Guillermo and Catalina, who have greeted the subjects who were waiting for the concert in Windsor in a surprise visit. "I'm sorry that yesterday they had to wear a raincoat", commented Guillermo together with a group of supporters in reference to the rain that presided over Saturday's day.

In response, the group of women offered him a cup with a Union Jack from which Guillermo drank a sip of broth and then offered it to his wife. "Is it a homemade recipe?", He has asked afterwards. He later he also accepted a bottle of gin and a can of beer.

William is scheduled to deliver a speech at the concert, Kensington Palace has revealed. "Global music icons and contemporary stars" will appear at the concert, following in the wake of Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee, which in 2022 brought together artists such as Queen, Rod Stewart or Diana Ross. This time Take That, Katy Perry, Andrea Bocelli and Lionel Richie are confirmed.

Also this Sunday we have learned the audience data for the coronation, which was seen by more than 18 million people in the United Kingdom through the BBC, ITV, Sky News and eight other channels that joined the simultaneous transmission, with a peak of 20.4 million viewers at noon, when the coronation took place, according to Barb's data. The figures are below the 26.5 million viewers who watched Queen Elizabeth II's funeral in September through 50 channels.

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