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The judge extends the investigation of the Russian plot and wants to investigate a former diplomat who met with Puigdemont

The former Catalan president also sent close collaborators to meet with "the Russians" who arrived in Barcelona.

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The judge extends the investigation of the Russian plot and wants to investigate a former diplomat who met with Puigdemont

The former Catalan president also sent close collaborators to meet with "the Russians" who arrived in Barcelona

The judge of the Investigative Court Number 1 of Barcelona, ​​Joaquín Aguirre, has extended the investigation of the Russian 'procés' plot for six months, which is being investigated as part of the 'Voloh case' and which involves, among others, the former head of international relations from CDC Víctor Terradellas; to the head of Carles Puigdemont's office, Josep Lluís Alay, and to the computer scientist Jaume Cabaní.

In the order, consulted by Europa Press this Monday, they explained that the extension begins to count from the end of the current period, on February 27, and will be extended for six more months.

In addition, he has also detailed that the investigation of this piece must be extended, since "this is the piece from which the other separate pieces of the so-called 'Operation Voloh' derive, in case it becomes necessary to carry out more testing procedures common to the others. pieces and until these are finished".

After reviewing the documentation of the case, the magistrate assures that he has found "data that identifies people and would confirm the close personal relationships existing between some of those investigated with individuals of Russian, German or Italian nationality", some of them while they held diplomatic positions. and they had relations with the Russian secret services.

According to the judge, the interest of those investigated was to establish links of "political and economic influence for the destabilization of democracy and the European Union, consequences among which could be the departure of Spain from the EU due to the unilateral independence of Catalonia supported by the Russian Government."

In this sense, it alludes to the alleged forecast of those investigated that "a war would start between the European Union and Russia, being (apparently and according to some messages found on the mobile phone of the investigated Terradellas), the invasion of "Ukraine and the consequent limitation of gas supplies to Europe."

This would be, says the magistrate, "the first important step in the political strategy of the Russian Government and its president (Vladimir) Putin (with an extreme right-wing political tendency) for the destabilization of democracy and the European Union."

Aguirre believes that there is a lot of documentation still to be reviewed and his intention is to deepen relations with Russian citizens, one of them, a former diplomat who met with Puigdemont at the Casa dels Canonges in Barcelona days before the unilateral declaration of independence, on the 27th. October 2017.

It also details another meeting supposedly facilitated by Terradellas, in which a former Russian military officer and Jordi Sardà participated, who acted as interpreter and "liaison with the Russian Government" at the meeting.


The Russian emissaries also met with the former leader of Junts and Puigdemont's trusted person, Elsa Artadi, at the Colón hotel in Barcelona, ​​to talk about "bitcoins."

Artadi declared in her testimony in court that she participated in two meetings with Terradellas and two other people, "whose names she said she did not know," and that she attended because of instructions she had been given to go listen and then inform Puigdemont.

According to Terradellas, the result of Puigdemont's conversations with two Russians and Sardà in the presence of Artadi were because the former president "asked them to continue the conversations with them (the Russians)."


The car also explains conversations between Terradellas and David Madí, a former senior CDC official, in which the former assures him that the former president had spoken to him about cryptocurrencies: "We have to go there."

"It seems to be inferred that the ultimate intention is to cause a change in the economic model, transforming the monetary resources that may be available at present or in the future into cryptocurrency in order to avoid control actions by public powers, as well as It follows from the statement that David Madí himself gives to Víctor when he tells him that "they" can prohibit the peseta, but they cannot prohibit going with bitcoins," the judge has assured.

Aguirre also includes in his writing a manuscript by Terradellas in which the names of Putin, Trapero, Artadi and MHP (Molt Honorable President) appear, although "so far, researchers have not been able to clarify the relationship" between those mentioned in the written.


The head of Puigdemont's office, Josep Alay, is also being investigated, since several conversations between him and Puigdemont's lawyer, Gonzalo Boye, "which unequivocally reveal his contacts with senior" Russian leaders, and several trips to Russia are proven. .

The judge explains that these contacts with Russian personalities "were carried out both before the supposed declaration of independence and after it, when Terradellas was no longer the point of contact in the Russian sphere" (when he was arrested) and was replaced by Alay.

This Tuesday, the Plenary Session of Congress will debate the proposed Amnesty Law for submission to the Senate, whose final vote requires the support of the absolute majority of the Chamber (176 votes) as it is an organic law.