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The Israeli Army warns Gazans that "time is running out" to escape to the south of the enclave

MADRID, 28 Oct.

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The Israeli Army warns Gazans that "time is running out" to escape to the south of the enclave


The main spokesman for the Israeli Army, Vice Admiral Daniel Hagari, has warned the Gazans who still remain in the north and in Gaza City that they are "running out of time" to flee to the south of the enclave in the face of what everything points to as a imminent large-scale ground entry of Israeli forces into the territory.

"Move south. For your own safety. It is not a mere precaution. It is an urgent plea for the safety of civilians in Gaza," Hagari warned in a video posted on the English-language account of the Israeli Army on the social network. X, formerly Twitter, where he has spoken of an "imminent operation by the Israeli Army to neutralize the Hamas threat with precision and intensity."

The spokesperson assured that "this is a temporary measure" and that "the return to northern Gaza will be possible once these intense hostilities end" before denouncing the massacres committed by the Palestinian militias, with Hamas at the helm. . "We are not going to forget it," he warned.

The United Nations and humanitarian organizations have denounced this Israeli "evacuation order" as an illegal forced displacement maneuver, part of a siege campaign that is leading the more than two million residents of Gaza to a humanitarian catastrophe.

Hagari made this appearance after a night of intense nighttime bombings by Israel that have left, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health, at least 377 dead in an isolated and dark Gaza, accompanied by new incursions by Israeli forces inside the enclave, where they still remain.

These raids, however, still do not constitute the major ground operation that the Israeli military authorities have been preparing in the next major phase of their campaign against Hamas after the attack by the Palestinian militias on October 7, which has since left some 1,400 Israelis dead and more than 220 more people kidnapped.