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The head of the Wagner Group insults the Minister of Defense and the head of the Army for the shortage of ammunition

MADRID, 5 May.

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The head of the Wagner Group insults the Minister of Defense and the head of the Army for the shortage of ammunition


The owner of the Wagner Group, the Russian oligarch Yevgeni Prigozhin, has again denounced this Friday the shortage of ammunition suffered by his mercenaries and has insulted the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, and the Army Chief of Staff, Valeri Gerasimov, for the situation at the front in Ukraine.

Prigozhin appears in a video published on the Wagner Group account on Telegram next to the corpses of several mercenaries, involved in the Russian military offensive on Ukrainian territory, which has had its epicenter for months in the city of Bakhmut (east).

"These are the members of the Wagner Group who have died today. The blood is still fresh. Listen to me, you bastards. They were fathers and sons of someone. That garbage that does not give us ammunition will have breakfast in hell," says the Wagner boss, according to a transcript provided by the Meduza portal.

"We have a 70 percent shortage in ammunition. Shoigu, Gerasimov, where is the fucking ammunition? Look at them, you bastards," Prighozin says in the video, titled 'Wagner Group Losses of May 4, 2023'.

Along these lines, he has accused Shoigu and Gerasimov, whom he has called "creatures", of "being in expensive clubs" while their children "enjoy life, making videos for YouTube". "They believe that they are the owners of life and that they have the right to get rid of these lives (of the members of the Wagner Group)," she denounced.

"They think that if they have shelters it is because they have a right to it. They are elementary calculations. If we were given the normal ammunition, there would be five times fewer casualties. They volunteered and are dying here so that you can fatten up in your mahogany offices." has riveted

Prigozhin himself, who has been at the center of numerous tensions with the Russian government in the framework of the offensive, recently warned that he could withdraw his forces from Bakhmut after denouncing a high number of casualties due to the fighting and the lack of supplies.

Wagner's chief, whose forces have been gaining prominence since the start of the Russian invasion, blamed the large number of casualties on a lack of ammunition for artillery. "If we can't resolve this ammo shortfall, we'll either have to retreat or die so we don't end up running like rats at the end," he settled.

The possible withdrawal of the Wagner Group mercenaries from the area could cause a collapse of the Russian front in Bakhmut, which will have a major impact on the entire line of combat in the region, at a time when Ukraine has assured that it is finalizing a counteroffensive.

The city, located in the Donetsk province, has been in dispute for months and, according to military experts, the Ukrainian defense has been losing ground until entrenching itself in a small portion in the west of the city, after Russian troops and mercenaries from the Wagner Group will take over practically all of it.