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The former head of the Ávila Command indicted in the 'Cuarteles case' deposited €21,500 in cash of undetermined origin

Internal Affairs on the companies of 'Mon': "the common denominator" was that they mainly billed the Civil Guard.

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The former head of the Ávila Command indicted in the 'Cuarteles case' deposited €21,500 in cash of undetermined origin

Internal Affairs on the companies of 'Mon': "the common denominator" was that they mainly billed the Civil Guard


Internal Affairs of the Civil Guard alerted in October 2020 in a report that Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Alonso Rodríguez, investigated in the 'Cuarteles case' for awarding works in the Ávila Command to the contractor Ángel Ramón Tejera de León, who in the years In 2016 and 2017, he entered into his bank accounts different items of cash in the amount of 21,500 euros "whose origin (...) could not be determined."

The objective of this patrimonial report, to which Europa Press has had access, was to determine the real estate and furniture capital that Tejera de León, alias 'Mon', could own directly or through their companies, and Alonso Rodríguez, who between April 2015 and November 2017 he was head of the Ávila Command, and who, according to Internal Affairs, awarded companies of that contractor "works finally collected but not executed or only partially executed."

It was also a matter of detecting whether the lieutenant colonel had alleged increases in assets or his economic capacity that could originate from sources of income other than the known lawful ones.

After analyzing information provided by different bodies, such as the Tax Agency, the Judicial Neutral Point or banking entities, Internal Affairs points out that beyond what he earned for his position in the Benemérita, 3,649 euros per month on average, Alonso Rodríguez and his wife They received remuneration from a company called Balabac Asesoramiento y Gestión SL and from a flat they had for rent, in addition to the cash income that caught their attention.

On them, the investigating agent points out that the income is produced "the same day or on the dates prior" to the occurrence of certain payment needs such as credit card collections or payment of a loan term.

Faced with this amount discovered by Internal Affairs, and which usually entered the lieutenant colonel's accounts in remittances of 1,000 or 2,000 euros, the examining magistrate of Ávila - who led the investigations until he recused himself in favor of the Madrid court - ordered Alonso Rodríguez in November 2020 to present documentation that would justify "the cause and origin of the 21,500 euros".

Regarding the assets of the contractor who is at the center of the investigation, Ángel Ramón Tejera de León, Internal Affairs points out that from the different consultations carried out, there is no evidence that he obtained monetary receipts between January 2016 and December 2017, that he had bank accounts at his name, that there was data on economic activities, and neither that he was the owner of any property or vehicles.

This point is underlined by Internal Affairs in its report, but it also adds that instead, after the analysis of the three Tejera de León companies that were being investigated at that time --Angrasurcor SL, Solocorcho SL and Canarycork SL--, it is observed that "they present as a common denominator that their business activity lies mainly in the billing of works awarded by the Civil Guard, 1,725,001 euros during the years 2016 and 2017".

It also highlights "the high volume of cash withdrawals" that occur in that period in bank accounts linked to the commercial activity of companies for a combined amount of approximately 450,000 euros, and this despite "the limitations of payments and operations using cash" which includes the law for the prevention and fight against fraud.

The report states that Angrasurcor SL, with its registered office in an apartment on Avenida Mayor in San Bartolomé-Lanzarote, owned a flat on Néstor de la Torre street in Las Palmas, and three cars, one of them a Second hand Mercedes E350.

About Solocorcho SL, another of the Tejera de León companies, with registered office in Sófora street in Madrid, Internal Affairs asserts that there are no workers in it despite what it invoices 242,000 euros for 21 works in command posts in Algeciras, Alicante, Ávila and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

And as for Canarycork SL, with registered office on Gustavo Adolfo Becker street in Tahiche (Lanzarote), Internal Affairs points out that it does not have any workers and that it owns another Mercedes brand car.

Regarding these companies, the summary of the case states that from the study of the same -in addition to Impemercork SL- the conclusion is reached that "no work center can be seen that can be understood to be related to the company or any center of business activity".

Internal Affairs even provides in a report photographs of the locations obtained by Google Street View to support the thesis that in reality these addresses were not business centers.

In fact, in his police statement, Tejera de León specified that their registered offices were for tax purposes "without material or technical means of work typical of business dedication being found in them."