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The ERC management agrees that its deputies speak in Catalan in Congress


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The ERC management agrees that its deputies speak in Catalan in Congress


The ERC spokesperson, Raquel Sans, explained that the party leadership agreed this Monday that its deputies speak in Catalan in Congress, after the reform to allow speeches in co-official languages ​​in the Lower House.

"It is evident that ERC will make the statements in Catalan and this is derived from the Permanente this morning," he said at a press conference, after the former republican deputy Joan Tardà encouraged the deputies to express themselves in the language that was most convenient for them. functional.

Asked if, as a result, the ERC spokesperson in Congress, Gabriel Rufián, will no longer speak in Spanish from the rostrum, she replied that "if it is on behalf of the ERC, the commitment is" that it be spoken in Catalan.

Sans has avoided specifying whether the negotiations to invest the socialist candidate, Pedro Sánchez, would falter if the Government does not finally make Catalan an official language in the European Union (EU).

"The responsibility lies with the State," he insisted, adding that he will not comment on ongoing conversations.

However, he recalled that the official status of Catalan in the EU was a commitment that the Government assumed in the pact for the Congress Board together with the reform to allow co-official languages ​​to be used in Congress.

In that sense, Sans has celebrated that since this week the deputies can intervene in the co-official languages ​​in Congress, something that he described as historic: "With political will, the 'earphones, never' have become Catalan in Congress" .

Asked about the French Government's reluctance to make Catalan official in the EU, she asked any speaker "to imagine being prohibited from speaking their language or being told that their language is second-class", and defended that Catalan receive the same treatment as any other European language.