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The 'Domingos' storm leaves more than 1,000 incidents in Galicia, overflowing rivers, fallen trees and blocked roads

Orange alert along the entire Galician coast due to strong winds and waves.

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The 'Domingos' storm leaves more than 1,000 incidents in Galicia, overflowing rivers, fallen trees and blocked roads

Orange alert along the entire Galician coast due to strong winds and waves


The 'Domingos' storm left a trail of incidents in Galicia. In total 1,166, between 6:00 p.m. on Friday and 6:00 a.m. this Sunday, rivers overflowed, trees felled and roads were closed.

As reported by 112, in the last 12 hours they registered 360. The most recurring problem during this day of adverse weather was cases related to strong winds and rain (659).

The risk prevention tasks by the emergency services total 140, the poles and cables in the traffic routes 107 and 38 incidents related to the remains of accidents and land and stone collapses.

However, there were also flooding on roads (34), landslides (23), flooding in homes (14) and water ponds (11).

The province of Pontevedra added 438 incidents and that of A Coruña 358. For its part, in Lugo (228) and Ourense (141) the effects of the storm were more moderate.

As for the municipalities, the most affected were in the Atlantic provinces. Thus, in the province of Pontevedra, Vigo registered 47, Lalín (30), Pontevedra (25) and A Estrada (23).

Within A Coruña, Narón (32), A Coruña (19) and Santiago (17). In Lugo, Palas de Rei (11) and Lugo (17) stood out, and in Ourense, O Carballiño (11) and Celanova, there were six cases recorded.

In the last twelve hours, the most notable incidents refer to falling trees on the roads and several traffic accidents of this type were recorded.

The majority, without causing personal injuries, as occurred at kilometer 31 of the OU-531, in Ramiras, on the N-120 as it passes through Pantón and in the Santiago parish of Aríns.

On the other hand, a driver needed medical assistance after a branch fell on his car when he was traveling at kilometer 29 of the OU-531, in Celanova. The man was able to get outside under his own power.

In Rubiáns, Vilagarcía, a large tree fell on a parked car with people inside, but no one was injured.

Also, the trees and branches caused incidents in traffic on roads such as the A-55 (Vigo), the AG-46 (Moaña), the N-120 (Quiroga), the LU-540 (Viveiro), the AG-64 (Narón), the PO-221 (Campo Lameiro), the N-642 (Burela) or the N-634 (Guitiriz). The majority were notices from individuals who found trees blocking at least one of the traffic lanes.

On Saturday afternoon there were also several incidents related to parts of facades falling into the street. In the Pontevedra municipality of Moaña, on Ramón Cabanillas Street, a private individual reported some sheets of a building that were about to come off.

In Xubia, in the Coruña town of Narón, there were also similar warnings as pieces of the exterior wall of a building fell without causing personal injury. Also in A Coruña, several individuals reported debris that fell on the road on San Amaro Street.

The wind recorded in the last few hours, which reached gusts of 183km/h in Lugo, affected the roofs of some homes. Thus, in the A Coruña town of Noia, a cover fell to the sidewalk and caused damage to cars parked on Brasil Street.

In the same town, an individual indicated that the roof of his terrace had blown off and that it was beginning to flood. It happened on República Argentina Street.

The rains also produced incidents in which the intervention of emergency services was necessary. In Oubiña, belonging to the Pontevedra town of Cambados, a vehicle was blocked in the middle of a pond of water, and in Ribadumia a man was helped by Civil Protection.

The latter directly alerted the emergency center that he was on a flooded road and that the water level reached his door. Finally, he managed to get out of the vehicle on his own.

The overflowing of a river caused the flooding of several commercial basements and the urban area of ​​Caldas de Reis. It also happened in Salceda de Caselas, Ponte Caldelas, Pontevedra, Arbo or Padrón.

As a matter of fact, adverse meteorology left several areas of Galicia without light, such as Ferrol, Marín, Narón, in Lourizán, Folgoso do Courel, Cuntis, Vigo or O Pino.

In O Pino, an individual alerted 112 that lightning had struck a high voltage tower, which left the A Ponte Carreira area without power. In Mos, another warning was registered due to a lightning strike, this time in an electricity panel that burned without causing major damage.

The wind leaves some flights canceled, such as the plane at the Santiago airport that had to take off at 10:30 a.m. to Madrid.

At Vigo airport, two flights to or from Madrid were canceled this Sunday morning, as happened at A Coruña airport.

For this day, the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) reports an improvement in the situation on the coast, which is why the red level adverse coastal meteorological episode in force until now is over.

Given this, an orange alert remains active along the entire Galician coast that could leave waves of up to eight meters and winds of force seven. There is also a yellow alert for rain in the provinces of A Coruña and Pontevedra.