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The CNMV staff agrees on new salary conditions for their first agreement, after the 'no' from the Treasury

MADRID, 6 Dic.

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The CNMV staff agrees on new salary conditions for their first agreement, after the 'no' from the Treasury


The staff of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) has recently approved new salary conditions, which include a new supplement, applicable only for lower-level technicians and administrators, as well as for lower salaries at the intermediate level, instead of a 5% increase for all workers, as union sources have explained to Europa Press.

These new conditions are raised after the Ministry of Finance and Public Function rejected the agreement reached by the supervisor and his employees in March 2021 and where this increase had been agreed for all workers.

As explained by the same sources, it was this summer when the Treasury rejected the 5% increase, as well as a commitment of 3% of the wage bill dedicated to "social action", which includes employee health care insurance, aid to disability, health treatments, daycare, or pension plans, among other complements. In this way, the Treasury urged the company and staff to reach a new agreement.

Finally, the CNMV presented workers with a proposal to improve salaries through a supplement of responsibility and specialization for lower-level technicians and administrators, whose stipend would currently be around the minimum interprofessional salary. The 3% improvement for social action measures would not be included, although an improvement in the flexibility of deputy directors' schedules is included, and an increase in the annual productivity pool from 8% to 9%.

These new conditions were presented by the CNMV to the workers, giving them guarantees that this new agreement would be approved by the Treasury. Thus, at the end of October, the staff gave its approval with 63.7% support for the new conditions, which are now being evaluated again by the Treasury.

The supervisor himself hopes to have the 'green light' for his first agreement before the end of the year, although the unions do not believe that everything agreed will be validated this month, since the Treasury has to review the new salary conditions, as well as the rest of the agreement, which has not yet received its approval. The Public Service also has to review it, the sources specify.

It should be remembered that last June the unions that make up the works council called demonstrations in front of the Ministry of Finance and Public Service to request that the approval of the first agreement, approved in March 2021 by 81% of the workforce, be unblocked.