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The Amnesty Law is 98% ready, it will cover ten years and will include those prosecuted for the Tsunami and the CDR

Its registration is imminent and is expected for today or tomorrow, according to parliamentary sources.

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The Amnesty Law is 98% ready, it will cover ten years and will include those prosecuted for the Tsunami and the CDR

Its registration is imminent and is expected for today or tomorrow, according to parliamentary sources.


The future amnesty law finalized by the PSOE with the pro-independence groups will cover ten years, from the preparation in 2013 of the 2014 sovereignty consultation to the present, and will include those prosecuted for the disorders of the Democratic Tsunami and the CDR among the beneficiaries of the measure, as explained by parliamentary sources familiar with the negotiation.

These sources have confirmed that the registration of this bill is imminent and will foreseeably be formalized this Thursday or at the latest on Friday, given that there is a principle of agreement on the bulk of the text and, now, the contacts are focused on ironing out the last technical aspects.

"It is 98 or 99% ready," they have stressed to explain that the last issues addressed are limited to defining in the text other groups around the independence movement that would enjoy the amnesty, given that legally it has to be well specified.

In this way, the text also guides the temporal scope of the amnesty that will impact ten years ago, on 2013, from the conviction that the conflict that led to the 'procés' dates back to that date.

With these terms, the regulations will free from oral proceedings the 12 members of the Committees for the Defense of the Republic (CDR) prosecuted for a crime of belonging to a terrorist organization who, according to the judge, planned to occupy the Parliament of Catalonia and who participated in road closures or erection of toll barriers.

In this regard and questioned about whether the registration of the law is imminent, the parliamentary spokesperson for IU and deputy for Sumar, Enrique Santiago, has been cautious in statements to the media, limiting himself to saying that he does not know when the bill will be presented. and that he does not know the content of the text.

Of course, Santiago has trusted that when that moment arrives he will have a great consensus and the signature of all the groups that want to promote the amnesty, a measure that Sumar defends as necessary to be able to "definitively bury a political conflict" that is so complicated and that citizens must receive with "tranquility."

"What we know is that next week there will likely be an investiture session and this delay of a viable government with a sufficient parliamentary majority will end (...) This will be resolved shortly with a great parliamentary agreement and The transfer from Rodalies to Catalonia has been closed right now. Everything is going according to plan," he explained.

Regarding the reform of the regulations that the PP plans in the Senate to be able to delay the processing of the amnesty law, Santiago has criticized that this position only responds to "parliamentary filibustering" and trying to make an 'ad hoc' rule to be able to block a future one. law.

The processing of this initiative has accelerated after PSOE and ERC reached an agreement last Tuesday and their intention to advance "decisively" to support the investiture of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.

Precisely, the PSOE also explained this Tuesday that it is considering registering the amnesty law proposal in Congress in the coming days, together with Sumar, ERC, Junts, EH Bildu, PNV and BNG, with the idea that Sánchez can be invested, according to socialist sources.

Last Saturday, during his speech before the Federal Committee, Sánchez openly defended for the first time the amnesty for the accused 'procés' and Aragonès himself also appreciated this defense by the leader of the PSOE, although he pointed out that "it is evident that there are missing more steps."

In addition, the Secretary of Organization of the Socialists, Santos Cerdán, met last Monday in Brussels with the former Catalan president and leader of Junts, Carles Puigdemont, in a meeting in which it was confirmed that the negotiations are progressing "in the right direction." with Junts, as sources from the PSOE leadership reaffirmed this Tuesday, who emphasize that their plans involve the investiture being held next week and, furthermore, being done in a first round, without the need for a second vote. 48 hours later.