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The accused of the death of Romina Celeste in Lanzarote admits that he ended his life


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The accused of the death of Romina Celeste in Lanzarote admits that he ended his life


The trial of the Provincial Court of Las Palmas for the death of Romina Celeste on the island of Lanzarote at the hands of her partner at the end of 2018 began this Friday, June 2, in the City of Justice of the capital of Gran Canaria after constitute the jury.

On this same day, the accused of the death of Romina, the one who was her husband, Raúl Díaz, has testified in the Second Section of the Provincial Court and has acknowledged all the facts of which he is accused and for which he was accused. judges, such as the crime of homicide, habitual mistreatment, injuries, desecration of a corpse and simulation of a crime.

Specifically, it has admitted in the oral trial the main facts of which there is evidence, which are expected to be ratified on June 5 by witnesses, and that it is about the episode of August 8, 2018 and the one that occurred between days December 27 and 28 of that same year, when he admitted that he hit Romina.

He has also acknowledged that when he hit her, he did so because he considered the young woman inferior, just as he has admitted that he burned her body and got rid of her.

With the acknowledgment of these facts, the defendant will probably be sentenced by the Chamber to 15 years, nine months and four days in prison after having agreed to it by the parties because, according to what Raúl Díaz's defense attorney has stated, the alleged perpetrator of the facts " He has valued the pain he has caused" to Romina's family and his own, and what he wants is "to end this".

In this sense, his defense has indicated that "the pain of a death to a family can never be satisfied", however, he pointed out that this process "can be shortened", which is why on June 5 it will be his turn to testify those responsible for the report to confirm the facts, as well as a couple friends of Romina as witnesses and the doctors.

All parties request homicide, with the exception of the class action that requests that the defendant be tried for the crime of murder, understanding that Romina's death was surprising and that the attacker had no pathologies, as well as for "coldness", points out the prosecution lawyer representing the Canary Islands Government, to denounce the disappearance of the young woman knowing what she had done.