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Sumar chooses Estrella Galán, general director of CEAR, as a candidate for the European elections

His name has been well received among his allies and they highlight his outstanding profile in the area of ​​migration and aid to refugees.

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Sumar chooses Estrella Galán, general director of CEAR, as a candidate for the European elections

His name has been well received among his allies and they highlight his outstanding profile in the area of ​​migration and aid to refugees.

Sumar has chosen Estrella Galán, general director of the Spanish Commission for Refugee Assistance (CEAR), as the head of the list for the European elections, as sources from the group have confirmed to Europa Press.

His proposal to lead the list for the June 9 election has been transferred in the last few hours to Sumar's allied political formations. Sectors of the progressive coalition have highlighted that his signing is a good profile, given that it establishes the issue of migration and the redefinition of border policy as one of the banners of the project.

For his part, Sumar has highlighted that in the European elections "the future of Europe" is at stake and they consider it "essential" that her candidacy be championed by someone "committed to human rights and a welcoming Europe."

In this sense, they have highlighted that Galán is an expert in Human Rights, migration, asylum and refuge, in addition to having a degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology and a diploma in Social Work from the Complutense University of Madrid.

At the same time, they highlight that their candidate has developed her professional career in the Third Sector, with more than 30 years of experience working for the defense of Human Rights, the right to asylum and the inclusion of groups at risk of exclusion and excluded.

He has also been part of platforms such as the State Coordinator of NGOs for Development, the Forum for the Social Integration of Immigrants, the Platform of Social Action Organizations, EAPN-Spain, among others. Furthermore, during her career she has participated on several occasions as a speaker in the LIBE Commission of the European Parliament and in various congresses and meetings of community institutions.

For now, according to sources involved in the negotiation, progress has been made with the parties in defining the number one candidate, which will be Galán, while the positions that the different parties will occupy on the list remain to be finalized.

The main allied formations of Sumar such as the 'comunes', IU, Más Madrid, Compromís or Verdes Equo have claimed starting positions in the coalition candidacy.

For now, the 'commons' have proclaimed Jaume Asens as their main candidate while IU has recently done the same with the current MEP Manu Pineda. Meanwhile, Verdes Equo has already designated its co-spokesperson Florent Marcellesi as its candidate for the European elections. In addition, Sumar spokesperson Ernest Urtasun guaranteed that the candidacy for the European elections would be equal.

In this way, Sumar opts as a candidate for a signing committed to helping refugees and specifies her pending headliner, after other profiles such as feminism spokesperson Elizabeth Duval or the mayor of Más Madrid also appeared in the pools. Eduardo Fernández Rubiño.

After the Galician elections, Sumar had made it a priority to define its list for the European elections and the parties also wanted to clarify the candidacy, to be able to prepare the elections well in advance and close the negotiations on the places on the lists.

Some members of the state coalition, according to several sources, considered that it was key to specify the head of the candidacy list, but also not to rush, given that they had rivals who had already defined their list.

This is the case of Podemos, which will compete with Sumar in these elections after their breakup last year and which chose as its candidate the former Minister of Equality Irene Montero, already immersed in the pre-campaign, given that these elections are committed to trying to rearm the formation. dwelling.

At the Sumar level, IU expressed on Monday that it wants the allocation of places for the different formations to be resolved next week, given that the idea is to articulate the broadest candidate possible.

On the part of Compromís, they have not defined their candidate profile and were in negotiations with Sumar, although their objective to run together is to be present among the first four positions on the list. Once their position is clarified, they will activate their internal processes to appoint their representatives. Más Madrid has not revealed which people it will contribute to a candidacy either.