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Sumar appoints a provisional executive for the 2024 assembly with IU, Más Madrid, the Commons and without Podemos

Ministers Ernest Urtasun, Monica Garcia and Sira Rego are part of the body along with Errejon and Enrique Santiago.

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Sumar appoints a provisional executive for the 2024 assembly with IU, Más Madrid, the Commons and without Podemos

Ministers Ernest Urtasun, Monica Garcia and Sira Rego are part of the body along with Errejon and Enrique Santiago


Sumar has appointed an Executive Group that will function provisionally until its assembly is held in the spring of 2024, made up of members of Yolanda Díaz's party, IU, Más Madrid, Más País, Verdes Equo or the Comunes.

However, in this body there is no Podemos position and there are no representatives of several regional political formations of the current coalition such as Compromís, Chunta or Més per Mallorca.

As reported this Saturday by Sumar in a statement, the appointment of the promoting group is one more step in the construction of the political project of the second vice president, who will pilot the process until the final management body is voted on in the assembly.

Among the profiles recruited by Díaz for this provisional executive, figures from his hard core stand out, such as the spokesperson for the formation and Minister of Culture, Ernest Urtasun, and the former director of Díaz's cabinet in the Ministry of Labor, the spokesperson in Congress, Marta Lois, and executive coordinator of Sumar, Josep Vendrell.

They are joined by the leader of Más Madrid and Minister of Health, Mónica García, the head of Youth and Children and leader of IU, Sira Rego, the leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, the MEP and coordinator of Sumar's electoral program Maria Eugenia Rodríguez Palop, the parliamentary spokesperson for IU and secretary general of the PCE, Enrique Santiago, or the co-spokesperson for Greens Equo Florent Marcellesi.

Other names of this provisional address are Sumar's spokesperson for feminisms and LGTBi rights, Elizabeth Duval; the leader of En Comú Podem, first secretary of the Congress Board, Gerardo Pisarello.

Likewise, the Executive Group has decided to appoint Josep Vendrell as executive coordinator of Sumar; Íñigo Errejón, as coordinator of the political presentation together with Marta Lois; and deputy Lander Martínez, as coordinator of the organizational presentation together with the technical secretary of the Care group in Sumar, Paula Moreno.

At Sumar they are aware that the organic construction of the political project has a series of phases and they have stressed that time must be given for reflection to the political forces that are not currently in the group, with a view to their incorporation later.

There are also voices in the coalition that highlight that there are parties more committed to being part of Sumar's organic deployment while others stick to the electoral alliance.

For example, this week Compromís emphasized that it is an autonomous force, whose brand is the reference in that territory, and maintains a "horizontally" relationship with Sumar.

Meanwhile, Podemos has had a series of disagreements with Sumar since the coalition negotiations on June 23 and has been involved in several clashes with Díaz's party, especially after being left out of the Government.

Last month, the purples approved their new roadmap that proclaims that they will not dissolve in Sumar, that future electoral alliances will be conditioned to primaries without vetoes, and they defend their autonomy in Congress, pointing out that their votes in the chamber are not given away. and must be negotiated.

The political document that this provisional Executive will draft will be aimed at carrying out "a strategic analysis of the current situation and its possibilities" to provide Sumar with an "ideological rearmament", always respecting "the autonomy of the territorial forces" that form the coalition.

Thus, the training of Yolanda Díaz has influenced the importance of defining oneself not "by what" one opposes, but "by what future they propose", as well as overcoming the crisis of political imagination" of the "democratic and egalitarian forces". in the world," as the party explained in the statement.

"Sumar assumes the need for an ideological rearmament that involves postulating and defending a concrete and desirable horizon of social justice, balance with the Earth and the enjoyment of shared freedom. A horizon that guides a policy of transition between the improvement of life ", continues the text, highlighting the importance of progress towards "a better, green, fair, feminist society."

The organizational priorities of the party involve "converting the flow of political support" received on July 23 into an "organized force" inserted in the social territory and at the same time "engine of community ties and generation of an alternative political subjectivity, which prefigures the world we desire.

Sumar's statutes contemplate affiliation to the formation (without closing the door to double militancy in that text) and a future executive, called the Coordination Board, which would be made up of between three and ten people.