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STATEMENT: The abstract art carried out by a woman, Laura Canal

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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STATEMENT: The abstract art carried out by a woman, Laura Canal

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Barcelona, ​​February 12.- Going beyond literal representation, abstract art has long been a means of expression for artists who seek to transmit emotions and narratives transcending tangible forms. It is a unique manifestation of creativity, in which Laura Canal has found a sensitive means of communication with her artistic talent. Her abstract art immerses itself in experimentation and expressive freedom, establishing a dialogue between clarity and chaos, the conscious and the unconscious, putting her own experiences into play from a distinctive perspective.

Laura Canal is a self-taught painter born in Barcelona in 1993, whose abstract art work is displayed as a visual testimony of her talent. Using a diversity of techniques and compositions in her paintings, the artist constantly seeks to innovate with diverse materials and methods. For her, art is more than a visual expression, as she experiences it as a bridge that connects her understanding of the world with her emotions. Canal uses a variety of mediums, such as India ink, acrylic paint, tea, and extracts of earth and fire, to channel the abundance of spontaneous emotions and intuitive energy into each brush stroke.

Laura Canal's art is a constant dialogue between aggressiveness and delicacy, passion and sadness. The creative process unfolds as an introspective experiment, revealing the intimacy, vulnerability and courage found in each work, through an act of reflection. Canal's paintings are, therefore, a space where emotions dissolve on the canvas, generating an experience that goes beyond mere observation, to mobilize the strangeness and reflective inspiration of the observer himself.

Influenced by meditative states, the Japanese Gutai movement of the 1950s, the art of Rothko and Caravaggio's mastery of chiaroscuro, Laura Canal has traveled a formative path from figurative art towards the exploration of the invisible. After spending a term at the figurative art school Barcelona Academy of Art in 2018, her focus became less towards the representation of reality and more towards the free expression of emotions through abstract art.

Likewise, the year 2023 represented a time of great work and recognition, participating in different international exhibitions, such as Parcus Gallery, in Munich, Germany; Carrousel du Louvre, art fair in Paris, France; or Parcus Gallery in Aistersheim, Austria.

Currently, the artist has presented two collections, "Historia de un Error" and "Blue Leap." While the former is a testament to the shift towards acceptance of unknown parts of oneself, the latter represents a symbolic journey of healing and rebirth. The combination of materials and ideas, crossed by the inspiration of stories that marked the life of Laura Canal, culminate in works of abstract art that balance nature and the essence of human expression.



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