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STATEMENT: Teach young people what to learn from Carlos Alcaraz

Babolat launches a pioneering range of rackets specially designed for children.

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STATEMENT: Teach young people what to learn from Carlos Alcaraz

Babolat launches a pioneering range of rackets specially designed for children

PARIS, May 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ --

Yesterday, thirty children had the opportunity of their lives when Toni Nadal taught them how to become champions, while playing with Carlos Alcaraz and Dominic Thiem. The event held in Paris was part of the launch of a new range of Babolat rackets specially designed for young players.

Although kids' rackets are nothing new, until now most have simply consisted of smaller versions of full-size models. Now, thanks to Babolat's cutting-edge work with scientists, coaches and behavior experts from France and America, the Lyon company has brought to market a whole range of rackets conceived, designed and developed specifically with the needs of children aged 4 to 12 in mind. years.

As part of the launch of these rackets, Toni Nadal, the most successful coach at the French Open, taught 30 youngsters between the ages of 8 and 12 how to play like the best on clay. 2020 US Open winner Dominic Thiem and reigning 2022 US Open winner Carlos Alcaraz were also part of the event to play with the kids.

The thirty lucky youngsters were selected from various Paris tennis associations, Yannick Noah's Fête le Mur charity and the Lagardère Paris Racing country club, where the event was held. The kids also learned how to string a racket, as Babolat believes that 50% of a racket's effectiveness comes from the strings.

Babolat teamed up with two highly respected partners and a group of coaches to create the world's first range of rackets designed from the ground up to meet the specific needs of young players.

The scientific contribution came from the French laboratory LIBM (Laboratoire Inter-universitaire de Biologie et Motricité), which studied what characteristics a racket should offer a child for optimal development that prevents injuries in growing bodies. LIBM analyzed more than 300 children from 15 tennis clubs in France to determine what the best characteristics were, such as wingspan, balance and grip.

The pedagogical advice came from a group of about 10 high-level coaches specialized in tennis learning and teaching techniques.

The psychological and behavioral experience came from Court 16, an exclusive children's tennis club in New York that is looking for new and exciting ways to teach and play this magnificent sport.

The 10 racquets in the Babolat children's range are called BFly (girls) or Ballfighter (boys), each with their own particular specification. Find all the photos and videos of the event; and the first reactions of Carlos Alcaraz and Dominic Thiem before the Grand Slam in Paris


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