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STATEMENT: Solar panels with a lower carbon footprint will be a priority

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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STATEMENT: Solar panels with a lower carbon footprint will be a priority

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, March 12

Nowadays, both companies and individuals have shown their interest in installing solar panels. These contribute to being more sustainable, depending less on electricity distributors and alleviating the carbon footprint.

The carbon footprint identifies the amount of GHG emissions that are released into the atmosphere as a result of the development of any activity. This indicator makes it possible to identify all sources of GHG emissions and establish, based on this knowledge, effective reduction measures.

In this same sense, the energy policies of the European Union are beginning to be directed, in its 2030 roadmap, where self-consumption plays a fundamental role in achieving the objectives of reducing emissions and external energy dependence.

Photovoltaic solar energy plays a fundamental role in the decarbonization of Europe. The European Union is committed to the development of this technology and the promotion of photovoltaic systems with a low carbon footprint. Implementing incentives will be crucial to achieving climate goals and building a more sustainable energy future.

In this way, the importance of reducing the carbon footprint in the production of solar energy will be reinforced, encouraging low-carbon technologies and sustainable photovoltaic systems through aid, tax exemptions and prioritization in tenders.

In addition to the Next Generation funds, which are intended to promote this type of projects, among all the proposals that are being considered in Brussels, some of them are aimed at allocating aid and subsidies only to those technologies that demonstrate a low impact on the carbon footprint. Among them, only those self-consumption systems that incorporate "free carbon" solar panels (low carbon footprint) could enjoy such incentives and deductions.

In the coming weeks, the final measures to be adopted by the European Commission for the recovery plan should be known.


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