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STATEMENT: Sismo Spain will be present for the first time at the Rebuild 2024 fair in Madrid

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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STATEMENT: Sismo Spain will be present for the first time at the Rebuild 2024 fair in Madrid

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The 3-in-1 industrialized system allows you to create structure, enclosure and insulation in a single step. It applies to all types of homes (single-family, semi-detached and high-rise blocks), as well as the hotel and commercial sector. Its personalized stand will allow attendees to see in situ how the system works, as it is designed as if it were a real home.

Marbella, March 5, 2024.- Sismo Spain, the pioneer company in industrialized construction in Spain, participates this year with its own stand at the Rebuild construction fair, which will take place at the IFEMA fairgrounds, in Madrid, in the March 19 to 21, 2024. The company's intention is to highlight its role as a 3-in-1 industrialized system, by allowing structure, enclosure and insulation to be carried out in a single step, and to show developers, architects, construction companies and technicians in general, how the incorporation of Sismo Spain into a housing project can considerably improve construction processes, saving time and ensuring costs, without losing even an iota of quality. To achieve this, the industrialized construction company has designed a personalized stand, which will allow Attendees will see in situ how the system works, as it is designed as if it were a real home. "Our stand will help us explain to all attendees the operation and assembly of our panels," says the Commercial Director of Sismo Spain, Javier Rabadán, who tells us that "we will see the ease that the system provides when raising the walls." of enclosure, opening door and window openings or at the meeting of walls, among other aspects". It will also be a unique opportunity to see first-hand the simplicity of its Sismo Spain LT lightened slab, compatible both in works with industrialized systems and in those that use traditional brick-based systems. The General Director of Sismo Spain, Pedro Antonio Rodríguez, showed his enthusiasm for participating in this new edition of Rebuild and "being able to present one of the most innovative construction solutions that exist right now in the industrialized construction sector in Spain". 3-in-1 system for single-family and multi-family homes. Sismo Spain is an industrialized system that adapts to all types of projects, both in design and in number of floors or type of housing. Proof of this are the more than 211 projects that have been carried out in Spain since the beginning of its activity, in 2012. From its production station, based in Marbella, modular construction panels have been produced for all types of projects, from single-family homes, to semi-detached and semi-detached houses or high-rise apartment blocks. The key to its success and what developers, architects and builders value most, is that it allows the construction of structure, enclosure and insulation in a single step, considerably reducing labor and reducing execution times in the structural phase by up to 60%. All this reducing unforeseen events and ensuring costs, something fundamental in the construction sector today. Participation in the Industrialization Challenge Sismo Spain will also have a prominent role in the different events held at the fair. The most important, the Industrialization Challenge, which will be held on March 20. In it, Sismo Spain will present the main innovations of its industrialized system to the attending promoters and will resolve any doubts or questions that attendees may raise. In addition, in the three days that the fair lasts, Sismo Spain will offer two presentations in the open auditoriums , addressing two of its latest success stories in large-scale real estate developments in the country. Apart from all this, the Sismo Spain team will also be available at its stand to provide detailed information on each of the aspects of the system, answer questions and develop professional contacts in the sector.About Sismo Spain:  Sismo Spain is the pioneer industrialized construction company in Spain. With more than 30 years of experience in Europe, it began its journey in the country in 2012. Since then it has participated in the construction of more than 800 industrialized homes for different projects in the country, both single-family and multi-family (townhouses and apartment buildings). which have been carried out in different parts of Spain, Morocco and Portugal. The main differential value of its industrialized system is that it allows the structure, enclosure and insulation to be carried out at the same time, which reduces execution times and considerably improves the structural quality of the homes.

Contact Contact name: Beatriz Funes Contact description: Sismo Building Technology Spain - Communication and Marketing Department Contact telephone: 951319680