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STATEMENT: Óptica Óptima suffers a series of robberies and demands citizen help

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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STATEMENT: Óptica Óptima suffers a series of robberies and demands citizen help

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Alicante, February 20

Óptica Óptima faces a series of macro-thefts and requests citizen collaboration

Óptica Óptima, a leading company in the optical sector, regrets to report on a recent wave of macro-thefts that has affected four of its establishments in the last month. This worrying situation adds to the thirteen robberies suffered over the past year, generating great concern in the community and among its employees. The robberies perpetrated against its establishments not only represent significant material losses, but also negatively impact security. and the well-being of its staff and clients. For these reasons, Óptica Óptima calls for citizen collaboration. "If anyone has witnessed or has relevant information about these incidents, we encourage them to contact local authorities. The information provided will be treated confidentially and will be of great help to resolve these cases and prevent future incidents." Óptica Óptima reiterates "its commitment to the safety and well-being of all its collaborators and clients, and thanks in advance for the collaboration of the community in resolving these unfortunate incidents." In these challenging times, the support and solidarity of the community are more important never. "Óptica Óptima deeply values ​​the trust that customers and employees place in the company. We remain committed to keeping communication channels open, offering a safe space for everyone to share information and support each other." "We recognize the immense value of community unity and collective strength to overcome adversity. Your collaboration not only contributes to resolving these incidents, but also strengthens the fabric of the community, making us more resilient in the face of future challenges. Together, we reaffirm our commitment to collective well-being and social harmony".

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