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STATEMENT: PAVIANDRES explores various applications of stamped concrete in the decoration of outdoor spaces

Santander, September 1, 2023.

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STATEMENT: PAVIANDRES explores various applications of stamped concrete in the decoration of outdoor spaces

Santander, September 1, 2023.

Stamped concrete is a finishing technique that is used regularly in the construction industry for all types of floors. Since it allows simulating the appearance of different materials, such as cobblestones, stone or wood tiles, for example

The expert company in concrete pavements, PAVIANDRES, offers this product due to its durability, resistance and versatility. In addition, it ensures that its composition is so effective that the surfaces will not end up cracked or raised, much less affected by humidity.

Apart from the fact that stamped concrete implies the use of patterns, colors and textures on the fresh area of ​​​​concrete. Therefore, it is capable of being molded to create reliefs or patterns of different shapes and designs.

Application in outdoor spaces It is true that stamped concrete is usually used in residential areas. However, PAVIANDRES explains that there is a wide variety of applications for outdoor spaces as it is a decorative technique and the following stand out:

• For pavements and roads: Given its durability, it is not surprising that stamped concrete is used for pavements and driveways. Especially, because it allows you to replicate the appearance of other materials. Which gives it an interesting visual aspect and at the same time, resistant to the weather.

• Terraces and patios: By handling custom patterns and textures, this product is capable of transforming terraces and patios into elegant and functional spaces. Surfaces can be designed that perfectly fit the tastes of the client and the general aesthetics of the area.

• Swimming pools and surrounding areas: The company points out that it is ideal for swimming pool environments. This is understandable, since one of the characteristics of stamped concrete is its non-slip property. This offers you a safe and comfortable alternative to preventing slips, unlike traditional flooring. In addition, it is possible to create designs with which it is possible to complement the theme of the pool.

• Rest and entertainment sites: In almost all regions there will be an area that allows rest and entertainment. And these areas can benefit from a material like stamped concrete. Well, it offers the enjoyment of a pleasant surface for social activities and outdoor furniture.

• Walls and vertical elements: PAVIANDRES, mentions that stamped concrete is not only applied to horizontal surfaces. In fact, it can be used on walls and vertical elements. This is a great advantage, because it facilitates visual continuity between various parts of the outdoor space.

Applications and additional features Due to its versatility, the stamping technique can be performed with stamped concrete. Which allows unique and personalized designs to be created on the floor.

This provides the ability to add unique artistic patterns, logos and details to any outdoor space.

Another of the applications that PAVIANDRES recommends includes urban areas, such as streets, parking lots, commercial areas, squares, extending to spaces with intense traffic.

Spaces in which this technique manages to beautify public surfaces. For example, simulating historical paving stones or bringing more modern and creative designs to life.

Ultimately, it resists abrasions, chemicals, UV rays, and stains, keeping its look long.

With 20 years of experience in the sector, PAVIANDRES is not only based in Castro Urdiales, but also has a presence in surrounding regions. So if you want to know more about the advantages and different uses of stamped concrete and pavements in general:

You can visit the website: or simply type 'Cantabria printed concrete' or 'Bizkaia printed concrete' in the search engine, and discover what PAVIANDRES can offer.

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