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STATEMENT: "Panel Sandwich Group" repeats in an unprecedented way as one of the companies that has grown the most in Europe

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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STATEMENT: "Panel Sandwich Group" repeats in an unprecedented way as one of the companies that has grown the most in Europe

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Panel Sanwich Group, considered the largest sandwich panel supplier in Spain, repeats for the second time in the Financial Times Ranking as one of the 1000 companies that grew the most throughout Europe during the period 2013-2016 and 2017-2020

Madrid, April 1, 2024.-

A Spanish company called Panel Sandwich Group manages for the second time to be placed in the Ranking of the well-known publication Financial Times, as one of the 1000 companies that have experienced the greatest growth in recent years. Standing out for its expansion and potential, the Aragonese company has achieved something unprecedented to date, achieving a growth of 40% in the last 6 years, and 60% in the last year.

Panel Sandwich Group emerged in 2011 with the aim of filling a gap by introducing digitalization in the construction sector, specifically as distributors of the panel sandwich product. In that year, the sector was characterized by very local sales, processes very dependent on the physical channel. A sector where digital transformation is, still today, in the process of development. Its founder, Oscar López-Blanco Ezquerra, bases the secret of its success on the transformation of the sector's distribution model, using the strength of the digital channel, seasoned with personalized treatment to the end customer and the manufacturer.

“The online channel allowed us to connect the manufacturer with the end customer, relocate the service and offer it anywhere in the country or the world, when sales in the sector were, as a general rule, very local. We reinforced this entire strategy by forming a team of salespeople that was completely customer-oriented, a team that transferred that necessary warmth to the end customer in a solely online channel. Today we are opening logistical and physical nodes, which allow us to get even closer to our clients and remind us of our origins in 2011,” comments Óscar López-Blanco Ezquerra, CEO of Panel Sandwich Group.

Another of Panel Sandwich Group's keys to success has been knowing, understanding and treating the manufacturer at the same level as the end customer. This has made it possible to reduce costs in the distribution processes - product preparation, orders, transportation, etc., reduce delivery times and expand the product portfolio, which currently exceeds 500 references.

The final secret of success has been to unite all of the above in a Know-how oriented towards sales and distribution and its reflection can be observed in the sales history. The first year it already invoiced one million euros and eleven years later it exceeded fifteen million.

Another detail that characterizes Panel Sandwich Group is that its growth objective is not only based on billing, it is also based on reaching more and more clients and this means reaching more and more solutions. Its CEO explains it this way: “It is very important to treat each client as if they were the last, because their work is unique. “If we billed the same amount with half the number of clients, Panel Sandwich would have half the value.”

Its products are marketed both in Spain and abroad (17 countries), which currently account for 15% of annual sales. Internationalization is one of our short-term plans, with Latin America being one of our main destinations, where we already have a presence in more than 10 countries, says López-Blanco. A figure that they intend to almost double in the coming years, within the ambitious growth plan in which the company finds itself.

Social Responsibility is another of its commitments, placing special emphasis on respect for the environment, as explained by the company. We strive to ensure that the product and processes are respectful of the environment, beyond our ISO 9001 certifications. and 14001 by the German TÜV. We are aware of the importance of the legacy we leave our children and along these lines, a company must always be oriented towards respecting the environment.

Ranking Financial times:

Panel Sandwich Group: how to sell online in the construction sector

Panel Sandwich Group is an innovative company in a traditional sector that has laid the foundations for a new way of working, through digitalization and a qualified, trained and motivated team.

Its founder, Oscar López-Blanco Ezquerra is an entrepreneur, who like many others did not achieve success from the beginning. After 11 years and 3 failed projects behind him, he decided to start again. They had been working on the sale of sandwich panels for a year, and his experience and innovative vision led him to develop a project that today, 11 years later, is repeated in the Financial Times Ranking.

According to its founder, its business philosophy is based on the fact that things matter, "when things matter to you, you pay attention and care to analyze them, improve them. All our clients are important and that is why we do our best to be able to advise them, pay attention and convey confidence in their choice and purchase.

Panel Sandwich Group has become a benchmark in the sector, but also an example to follow in matters related to its corporate social responsibility, where employees are considered one of the bases of the key to success. Training, a good environment and emotional empathy are the daily life of a company where the first customer to serve is the worker.

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