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STATEMENT: ORPEA Madrid Mirasierra celebrates San Antón with assisted leisure with dogs for patients with neurological damage

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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STATEMENT: ORPEA Madrid Mirasierra celebrates San Antón with assisted leisure with dogs for patients with neurological damage

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, January 16, 2024.

Lía, a beautiful intervention dog, along with the rest of the team of professionals, visit patients at this rehabilitation center on the occasion of the celebration of the patron saint of animals

Lía is 3 years old and, despite her young age, she has a relevant task to fulfill: helping Antonio, Sabina, Yolanda and Julia to regain mobility, enthusiasm, self-esteem and confidence. Lía is a beautiful intervention dog and all of them are people with neurological impairment and they will also be the beneficiaries of a very, very special Saint Antón, patron saint of animals. On the occasion of the celebration of this saint's day, protector of animals, the specialized rehabilitation center ORPEA Madrid Mirasierra and the Fundación Diversión Solidaria have organized a special session of assisted leisure with animals, in which, for the first time, the patients' relatives will participate. Affected by multiple sclerosis, Huntington's disease and victims of cerebral hemorrhage and traumatic brain injury, they will share a group session of assisted leisure with animals that will help them break the monotony and generate positive memories and emotions. In short, to establish links that help them generate a feeling of normality and support. The specific animal-assisted therapeutic leisure program for adult patients with neurological impairment is one of the great non-pharmacological assets of ORPEA Madrid Mirasierra, a center specialized in rehabilitation neurological and traumatological for patients of all ages with acquired brain damage, whether due to accidents or due to rare diseases such as Huntington's. Dog-assisted interventions are one of the patients' favorite activities, says Ana López, director of this center, since "dogs surprise them, excite them and entertain them, in addition to providing them with well-being, tranquility, affection and security." For one day, she explains, the roles are changed, and the patients become caregivers. María Fernández Malo, a member of the animation department at ORPEA Madrid Mirasierra, expresses herself along the same lines: "As soon as you announce the activity with the dogs, it is perceived emotion in the patients. They smile, you see how their attitude changes, their posture and they even try to move."María Parra, General Director of Fundación Diversión Solidaria, for her part, describes the activity as "a very exciting moment", since it allows " see the inmates get out of their routine. Thanks to this program "we managed to turn these little moments of leisure into something therapeutic, transforming fun into strength, motivation and company for patients." An important emotional help that contributes to an improvement in the patients' mood. "We are convinced that providing fun is something very serious and that positive emotions and smiles do not cure, but help to heal," he assures. From both sides, ORPEA and Fundación Diversión Solidaria, highlight, finally, the important advances in the slow improvement of this type of patients, given the great stimulation resulting from the affinity they feel towards these therapy dogs, which act as facilitators and motivators within the different interventions. This "special San Antón" session of the specific therapeutic leisure program assisted with animals for adult patients with neurological impairment will take place at the ORPEA Madrid Mirasierra on January 17, starting at 4:45 p.m.

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